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Using Hamburg’s ‘Bahns’

Hamburg, being the second largest city in Germany is obviously pretty big! So it is fair to say that concerns about internal travel are justified, after all, who wants to be waiting for a bus for 30 minutes every time they want to be going somewhere new? Well, let us tell you that the public transport there is awesome! Finding your way around Hamburg should be no more of a worry to you than finding your way around your home town, it’s easy and it’s made all the more simple when you start off by collecting a city map from the Hamburg hostel. On it are the locations of the most popular land marks and the details of the most important transport networks you will need, allowing you to get going straight away.

Hamburg Hauptbahnhof

With the Generator Hamburg hostel being so close to the central station, Hamburg Hauptbahnhof, it wouldn’t be unrealistic to say that most of your journeys will begin there. It would also be fair to guess that the only two forms of public transport you will need to think about are the U-Bahn (metro) and the S-Bahn (urban rail) as these are the main lines that serve the inner city.

In terms of getting yourself ready to hop on and off the ‘Bahn’s’, all you need to do is pick up a ticket from one of the ticket machines found at the station and you’re ready to go! It’s that simple! The ticket prices aren’t expensive and if you’re travelling in groups (up to five) you can make some substantial savings. Look here for information on city zones, prices etc.

One more thing to mention for the more adventurous of you is that you can hire bikes from behind the central station. Getting on a bike and cycling around Hamburg is a fantastic way to see the sights, it’s cheap, fun and opens up the city to you in a distinctive way; quite unlike anything else! Just remember your credit card as you’ll need it to make a deposit and rightly so, you’ll have that much of a good time you may try to take the bike home to capture some of those Hamburg-only memories!

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