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Top Tastiest Turkish Restaurants In Hamburg

Hamburg has a long and colourful history as the spice centre of the continent. With the little bit of spice coming in from through the port also came the now well-known Turkish community in Hamburg.

Hamburg Harbour

Naturally this means it’s time for us to turn our attention to the best Turkish restaurants in the great city of Hamburg. So if you are looking for most tasty and exotic food then check out our favourites:

Saliba, Neuer Wall 13

Located right on the water’s edge on the small Alster this place is worth visiting just for the stunning views of Hamburg; especially as they have some outside seating perfect for warmer days. However, the food is a good enough reason for visiting by itself! Particularly recommended is the cold mazza plate, followed by a Mediterranean staple, lamb, which is perfectly cooked. To top it off the staff are friendly and helpful and the interior is tastefully decorated with ceiling lamps and a homey atmosphere.

Koz Urfa, Paul-Nevermann-Platz

For a more relaxed dining experience then try Kof Urfa. This place is frequented by many local families and this should be recommendation enough! Much of the food is cooked on a charcoal barbeque and this brings out the best in their grilled meat dishes. Make sure you are hungry as the portions are huge and won’t break the bank either!

Mr Kebab, Thadenstraße 4

Does what is says on the tin; serves a great kebab and really good value too. The place is very popular with locals and as it is located right in the centre of the St Pauli district it gets loads of foot traffic. Although the outside of the building looks a little run down, inside it is clean and functionally decorated with a few interesting plants for conversation starters. Why not pop in for a bite to eat before you head out for a night on the Reeperbahn?

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Kozlava Restaurant, Fuhlsbuttler Str. 151

This is out of the city centre but is right by the S-Bahn Barmbek station so is easy to get to if you need your kebab fix. This is a much more relaxed place and the menu has pictures you can point to if you and the waiter don’t share a language. Again the food is cooked on a charcoal barbeque which really gives it an authentic Middle Eastern flavour. The food is great value and you get a mound of fresh salad and warm rolls with every meal.

Arkadasch, Grindelhof 17

Also a little way off the beaten track and easy to get to by train or bus is Arkadasch. This great little place is just across the road from the Abaton cinema – so why not head here for dinner before a movie? As soon as you open the door the exotic smells and flavours assail your senses and transport you to the mysterious East. All the usual treats plus a good variety for vegetarians as well served in a casual and friendly atmosphere.

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