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Top Places for Live Music in Hamburg

You can really get a feel for a city by the clubs and music it offers. So where do you go to make the most of the music scene in Hamburg? Luckily we have put together a guide of some of our favourite places for live music in Hamburg.

Zwick, Millerntorplatz, St Pauli

Right at the top of the Reeperbahn this place is not flashy or spectacular but is clean and well decorated. But don’t let this put you off the atmosphere is amazing! The music is usually bluesy or rock variations but they have a different act every week and often have themed parties.

Molotow, Spielbudenplatz

This place has two faces, a cosy bar downstairs and a dance-floor upstairs. If you stay in the bar be prepared to get up close and personal to the person next to you as it is small. That said it is perfectly formed and has loads of indie groups and the crowd will be full of local musos and arty types.

Grosse Freiheit 36/Kaiserkeller

No review of live music venues in Hamburg would be complete without a mention of Grosse Freiheit 36. It is one of the top night clubs in the city with a well deserved reputation for a great night out. Again it could be a bit of a tight squeeze in here on a busy night but you will be right up close to the band as well. For the best view of the action try the balcony.

Übel & Gefährlich, Feldstraße

This is more of a hardcore venue; this may be because it is housed in an old bunker. You will get punk and metal bands playing here mainly so if you like that sort of stuff in a slightly creepy venue then this is the place for you. Watch out for the entrance though as it can get busy and there are only a couple of tiny elevators to get everyone up to the club floor.

Logo, Grindelallee

The outside might look a bit grim but, this is a great place to go if you are looking for good live music. They specialise in underground bands so you will probably find the crowd very hip and trendy.

Grünspan, Grosse Freiheit

Just down the road from Grosse Freiheit 36 is Grunspan is one of Hamburg’s oldest clubs and it rocks, literally! If you go here then expect rock music in large quantities. They have had a few famous names over the years including Bryan Adams, Alice in Chains and Linkin Park. For those about to rock…

Marktzeit in der Fabrik, Barnerstrasse

You can even get live music with breakfast in Hamburg. If you head to the old factory building in Altona first thing in the morning on a Saturday you can get a slap up start to your day with some top tunes to listen to. Then you can have a nose around the market at pick up something to remember your visit to Hamburg. Could be a great spot to pop into after pulling an all-nighter on Friday!

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