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Hamburger Dom A Native’s Guide

You can see the lights from Hamburg’s WinterDom from across the city like a homing beacon calling one and all to come and have some fun. One of the largest travelling fairs in the world, the 3km long Dom will give you all the thrill rides you could possibly need.

However, if you are not into the white-knuckle, scare-yourself-silly-rides then HamburgerDom is still well worth a visit. As you wander around the huge park the fun atmosphere will subtly creep into your soul and take you back to childhood times when every day at the fair was new and exciting.

One of the highlights of the Dom is the Friday night fireworks display starting at 10.30pm. This spectacular show is famous and can be seen across the city.

The rows and rows of stalls hark back to the medieval origins of the Dom as a trade market; you will find each one offers something different. For example if you are peckish then you will be spoilt for choice with everything from snacky, hand held food to full sit down dinners.

For a savoury snack try traditional German treats like bratwurst, potato fritters, corn on the cob and the famous currywurst. If you are looking for a sweet treat then you can’t beat a handful of roasted almonds or freshly baked waffles smothered on a sauce of your choice all washed down with a warming mulled wine.

Don’t worry you will still get plenty of opportunity to spend your cash, keep your feet firmly on the ground and still have fun with the penny machines, grab a toy games or buy some extra Christmas treats in the shop stalls.

It can get pretty crowded at the Dom especially if you go in the evening or at the weekend; in recent years more than 10 million visitors have walked through the gates. That said there isn’t usually too much trouble and if you are sensible and keep your valuables out of sight and secure you should have no problems. But it can be fun watching people staggering off the rides after the scare of their lives.

Highly recommended is the huge Ferris wheel. At 55m it is the largest portable wheel in Europe and the views from the top are stunning both during the day and at night when the glittering fair is spread out below like a sparkly box of chocolates waiting to be enjoyed.

The fair closes at 11pm but the fun needn’t stop there. Only a few minutes away from the Heiligengeistfeld is the Reeperbahn and the Landungsbrücke so why not head out to a bar or night club?

Beat the chill, wrap up warm and enjoy yourself at the Dom.

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