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Fun Guide To Hamburger Dom – 19th July – 18th August

Relive your childhood in Hamburg this August with HamburgerDom part two – Sommerdom. A second chance to check out some extreme thrill rides, soak up the party atmosphere or just tuck into some tasty German treats.

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If you are in Hamburg in August for a late summer fling then you won’t be able to miss the huge fair. It is especially beautiful at night when all the rides and booths are lit up by literally millions of twinkling fairy lights. Even if you aren’t really a fan of funfair rides it is well worth going along just to see the spectacular fireworks display every Saturday night at 10.30pm.

So what is there to see? Let’s have a look at some of the freakiest rides as well as all your old favourites:

Kuddel der Hai

A premiere for this ride at SpringDom this year. Kuddel is a tiny, twisty, turny roller-coaster shaped like a shark – just when you thought it was safe to go back to the fair.

Test Track

This is an old favourite. The Test Track is a pretty standard roller-coaster with a 93 foot chain lift hill leading to a right hand near vertical curved first drop, then on to a double loop. Just the sort of scare we like.


One of the weirdest rides we have been on yet. You are seated in a giant ring, the Frisbee, which slowly starts to swing. Building the fear factor eventually you think it can’t go any further then the car starts to spin as well. We don’t recommend this ride if you have just eaten!


Although the Shaker is on the flat don’t think it will be a cake walk. The next step up from a waltzer, the cars are on rotating arms, but they are free to swing through 360 degrees. Which means you may well spend much of your time upside down.

Atlantis Rafting

Change of pace now, but no less thrilling. If you love a good water ride then this one is definitely worth your money. Standard four person round raft with plenty of free floating sections and opportunities to get wet! And of course there is the drop at the end, smile for the camera.

Haunted House

No funfair would be could hold its head up without a good old fashioned haunted house ride. And the one at the Dom is enough to make you hair go white. As well as the usual scary models in the dark and dingy interior there are real actors who also follow the car about to give you an extra bang for your buck.

Ferris wheel

One of the most distinctive rides of the Dom it can be seen for miles at night. Not really a thrill ride, unless you are afraid of heights, as at 55 metres it is one of the largest transportable wheels in the world. But still worth a ride even if it is just for the amazing views across the fair and city from the top.

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