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Free Things to do in Hamburg

Hamburg is an amazing city where history is shoved right up against the modern. And as one of the more affluent cities in Germany you might expect Hamburg to be expensive – but you’re in luck as we have found a bunch of fun things to do in Hamburg for free!

Want to see some of the top historic sites? Then why not take a walk around Speicherstadt & Hafencity and see the old and new together. Speicherstadt are the beautiful, old buildings on the waterfront that are used as tax-free warehouses for goods coming and going through the harbour. Hafencity is a brand new development in Hamburg and is full of industry and business buzz. But there are also lovely little green spaces to take it easy, coffee shops and cafes where you can grab a bite to eat and watch everyone else working. Some of the areas host special events and art exhibitions.

The Altona Fish Market is a must see; the hustle and bustle of the traders going about their business is a sight to see over a morning coffee. There are all sorts of stalls selling not just fish; this is a great place to pick up a genuine souvenir that is not tourist tat. Just make sure you get up early on Sunday morning though as all the action is generally over by around 10am.

The Alster Lake is a perfect location for a stroll or jog amongst some terrific scenery. If you walk far enough you can get a glimpse of some of the richest houses in Hamburg and see how the other half live.

OK, so Hamburg isn’t all about the water (although sometimes it feels like it!), it has some beautiful green spaces too. Of course, we have to mention Planten und Blomen as Hamburg’s biggest park but others are equally as good. Try the Stadtpark near the Borgweg U Bahn station for lovely lawns and you can get spectacular views of the city from the Planetarium platform.

Churches is one thing Hamburg has a quite a few of and all of them have some character. Here are some of our favourites that are quite close to the city centre. St Michalis church has a striking statue of the saint conquering the devil. St Peter’s Church is famous for the lion’s head door knockers and art exhibitions. St Nikolai’s was one of the most important churches in the city but now only the spire remains due to the bombing during the Second World War.

Reeperbahn and St Pauli are iconic names in Hamburg and the area is full of interesting shops and bars. However, if you really want to see the true character of the place then it is best to head down there at night and see the seedy, underbelly life of Hamburg on the streets. Some of the clubs have free, or very cheap, entry before 10pm, so you can get a good seat before the place fills up and you can save your Euros for a few drinks instead!

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