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Best Thrill Rides at Hamburger Dom

Calling all thrill seekers and adrenalin junkies, Hamburger Dom is coming! You don’t need to go on all the rides to have fun as there is loads of stuff to do at ground-level, but really, who are we kidding? It’s all about the thrill of fast and fun rides at Hamburger Dom. This edition is the Frühlingsdom (spring fair) and it will be gracing the skyline in Hamburg for about a month.

Hamburg Dom

Every year there are the old favourites and also new ones to tempt. Here is a rundown of the best thrill rides at Hamburger Dom, so why not head down there this month and see if we are right:

Olympia Looper: Thrill-seekers have to start with the Olympic Looper; at night it lights up the sky and can be seen for miles. With five huge loops you are likely to be upside down more than the right way up! This is the largest moveable roller coaster in the world and is a must for any visit to Hamburger Dom.

Wild Mouse: This one is not for the faint hearted as there are scary drops and hairpin bends that always seem to surprise you. Just when you think the track will plunge you over the edge the car swings round leaving you breathless and heading for another steep drop.

Tornado Power: This is the highlight from the Winter Dom. You will feel like you are heading into the eye of the storm with this ride. It looks a bit like a jazzed up waltzer as the main floor rotates and the cars also spin independently. But then something amazing happens as the floor starts to tip and you end up flying through the air!

Dom Dancer: This is a break-dancer style ride and although you don’t get lots of height you certainly get shaken up. Make sure you can hold on to your stomach for this one, we don’t suggest having dinner before this ride as you’ll end up feeling like a milkshake!

Airwolf:For something completely insane try Airwolf. You are swung up into the air in a rotating car which sways and tips you upside down on the other axis – while it looks tame as a spectator most change their minds after the ride!

Transformer: If you thought that was bad (or do we mean good?) try this; spinning, up and down (and upside down) as if you were on the inside of a barrel heading towards a waterfall is the closest we can get to explaining it! Have a look! 

Aplina Bah:This is a classic roller coaster of the take you up high and drop you variety. No loops but plenty of sharp turns. It is the sort of roller coaster you could easily knock out a dozen consecutive trips on without too much trouble.

Ferris Wheel:Although you might not think this is a thrill ride, it is the largest transportable wheel in the world at around 60m high. Try it at night when you can see the whole of the Dom laid out beneath you, but don’t tip over too far!

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