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#GENWINTER | Top Christmas Markets and Places to Eat

There’s so much to do over the festive period, where do you start? Well as part of Genwinter, we’ve asked some of friends from each of our cities to share some inside knowledge and narrow it down for you. As part of #Genwinter we’ll be sharing all the top spots to eat, drink, shop, ice skate and we've even got some alternative suggestions if you fancy doing something a little bit different this year! Marie who writes 'Life is Just too Short' shares her favourite Christmas markets in Hamburg and recommends two top dining spots while you're out and...
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Guide To Christmas Markets in Hamburg

During Christmastime in Hamburg, it’s difficult to move without tripping over a Christmas market! We’ve picked out a few so you can decide which to go to – that is, if you don’t decide to simply market-hop and visit them all, as many are close to each other. Have a look at these beauties, and we dare you to not feel fabulously festive by the time you've finished reading!Hamburg Town Hall Christmas MarketSet just outside Hamburg Town Hall, this is perhaps the most popular Christmas market in Hamburg. It’s hosted by Roncalli’s Circus, with punch served by clowns and...
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Hamburger Dom A Native’s Guide

You can see the lights from Hamburg’s WinterDom from across the city like a homing beacon calling one and all to come and have some fun. One of the largest travelling fairs in the world, the 3km long Dom will give you all the thrill rides you could possibly need.However, if you are not into the white-knuckle, scare-yourself-silly-rides then HamburgerDom is still well worth a visit. As you wander around the huge park the fun atmosphere will subtly creep into your soul and take you back to childhood times when every day at the fair was new and exciting.One...
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What To See At The Reeperbahn Festival

Like every city festival it's often more about what you can afford to miss rather than what you should see, however here's some tasters to put at the top of your own menu of art and music.65daysofstaticThe kings of math-rock present their blistering instrumental assault on a hungry crowd at the festival. For those that don't know 65daysofstatic are an instrumental post-rock who have quickly acheived iconic status.Street Art WalkStreet art is always accessible - and often you can curate your own collection just by wandering a city. But if you want to see the best why not join this...
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Fun Guide To Hamburger Dom – 19th July – 18th August

Relive your childhood in Hamburg this August with HamburgerDom part two – Sommerdom. A second chance to check out some extreme thrill rides, soak up the party atmosphere or just tuck into some tasty German treats.If you are in Hamburg in August for a late summer fling then you won’t be able to miss the huge fair. It is especially beautiful at night when all the rides and booths are lit up by literally millions of twinkling fairy lights. Even if you aren't really a fan of funfair rides it is well worth going along just to see the...

Generator Fun Guide To Hamburger Dom – 19th July – 18th August