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April City Events in Dublin

Ireland’s first city is really warming up to 2013 now. The warmer and brighter weather is encouraging folk to come out of doors and reclaim the city from the winter again. If you are in Dublin in April have a look at what’s on:


1. The Vaccines at Olympia Theatre – 8th April

After uploading their first song “If You Wanna” to You Tube it was recognised by rock great Zane Lowe as his ‘Hottest Record in the World’ in August 2010. They are now on their second studio album “Come of Age” and are heading out on tour to reach the fans. If you like a bit of punchy, drum heavy rock, reminiscent of the 80’s punk era then buy a ticket now. Their latest single is called “I Always Knew” and we love it.

2. Lunchtime Theatre at Bewley’s Cafe – every day except Sunday

For something a bit more cultural try the Lunchtime Theatre at Bewley’s Cafe, Grafton Street. The venue is tucked away in the upstairs room of the cafe so be prepared to get up close and personal not only with other customers but also the players. Don’t think, though, that it will be a yawn feast the programme is very focused on comedy and light hearted works. The food’s as great as the feast presented on stage so there’s plenty to look forward to. If you don’t fancy the theatre then Bewley’s Cafe is an institution in Dublin and well worth a visit even if it is just for a coffee and one of their delicious puddings. 

3. KAN at Wheelan’s – 12th April

For something a bit folky and definitely Celtic then go and see KAN at Wheelan’s this April. The band is made up of four guys who are quite simply legends in the world of folk music. With flutes, fiddles, whistles as well as guitars and drums the sound is unique and the blend is modern and traditional. Although its members have been around a bit the band itself is a relatively new project and there’s nothing like them out there currently. Their debut album “Sleeper” is an amazing mix of folk and jazz and the wealth of experience comes out in every line. The opening track from the album is called “One Two Three” and we think it is interestingly haunting.

4. Spar Great Ireland Run at Phoenix Park – 14th April

For a change of pace why not cheer on the runners in the Spar Great Ireland Run? See what we did there? The 10km course is laid out in Phoenix Park and runners will be starting out just after lunch at 1pm so you will have plenty of time to get there and stake out your spot. The atmosphere is amazing in support of the runners and you could even see a few famous faces in the pack. A good place to cheer the runners is along the last 1km which is a long straight road with a music stage at one end and a refreshment stand at the other. Or if you fancy something a little less busy try a spot near the 5km mark as this is in a quieter corner of the park. If you happen to be taking part then good luck, we salute you! 

5. Drum Belly at Abbey Theatre – 5th April – 11th May

Drawn to the darker side of humanity? Try Drum Belly at Abbey Theatre. You will be plunged in at the deep end in New York City’s shady underworld. Set in the late 1960’s just after Neil Armstrong set man’s first foot on the Moon this play from Richard Dormer is about the struggle of the Irish Mafia in the city to hold on to their power. The message is “honour your blood, be true to it, your family and yourself.”

6. Fred Cooke at Vicar Street – 20th April

After all that running and deep dark underworld stuff why not have a good laugh. Fred Cooke doesn’t have any special props or quirky catch phrases; he is just really, really funny. That said he describes his style as Physical Musical Storytelling which gives you some idea of what to expect. After having his childhood dreams of becoming a footballer and the sixth member of Radiohead evaporate he decided the next best thing was to become a stand up comedian – you can see where he is coming from can’t you?

Dublin Bridge

7. Dublin Bay Prawn Festival at Howth Harbour – 25th – 28th April

For seafood lovers the Dublin Bay Prawn Festival will be a real treat. Set in the lovely little fishing village of Howth just outside the city this is a three day fest of fishy fare. As you would expect there will be street food fairs, music, cooking demos, talks and all manner of fun celebrating the famous Dublin Bay Prawn. Yes this is an actual thing, a small orange prawn which goes by a few names including the Nephrop by scientists, Langoustine when sold whole in seafood restaurants, Scampi when its tail meat is deep fried in breadcrumbs – and simply a ‘prawn’ by the fishermen who catch it. Many of the events are free, so what’s not to like?

8. Block McCloud, Blacstan and Tall Order at Twisted Pepper – 26th April

For those in the hood and in your hoodies try the Twisted Pepper alternative gig spot this month. Fans of the Army of Pharaohs will recognise the name Block McCloud as one of the artists behind their latest album “The Unholy Terror”. Blacastan has been called the next generation in hardcore storytellers and with a spotted past he certainly has had the life experience to share! Check out this gig at one of Dublin’s more hardcore venues.

9. Intruders – Photographic Exhibition by Donal Moloney at FilmBase – 11th – 21st April

The idea of shooting nudes in unglamorous, derelict locations is probably not new; but Donal Moloney does it beautifully. The contrast of the smooth, vulnerable human form and the rough concrete surroundings is mind blowing. The artist claims to have had a real buzz of excitement during the project and you will feel it too. Moloney explains himself, his idea, motivation and method in detail so you can understand what it is all about. 

10. Matchbox Twenty at Vicar Street – 13th April

With four successful albums under their belts, more than 30 million records sold and a string of award nominations Matchbox Twenty are here to stay. They are playing two nights at Vicar Street because they are just so darned popular – so you’d better not miss them. If you like your rock a bit indie but still with plenty of backbone then this gig is for you. Their latest single is a bit more of a ballad and is called “Overjoyed” but we like this one called “She’s So Mean” much better!

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