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Generator’s Guide To Bloomsday In Dublin

Dublin and Joyce are completely inseparable; with Joyce’s masterwork, Ulysses, taking place all on a single day in the great city. And naturally, this is the day that the majority of celebrations take place. So join us on the 16th (and, inevitably the weekend around it!) for some of the best literary fun to be had in Dublin.

Walk The Walk With A Bloomsday Walk!

On the 16th and 17th June there’s a Bloomsday walk which takes you along the route taken by Leopold Bloom through the city (although much of it has changed) – all ending with a lunch and a pint (or two) with other Joyce enthusiasts. Don’t worry; you don’t have to have the offal!

Get To Know Joyce

There is the traditional breakfast of black and white pudding to be had and plenty of sights to pick up, even if you don’t want to follow exactly in Leopold Bloom’s footsteps. Why not head down to Sandycove on the beach to see Joyce’s Martello Tower and museum? Entrance to the museum is free and you can see a variety of Joyce’s possessions from 1904 as well as a variety of bits and bobs associated with Ulysses. The James Joyce Centre is another treasure trove for Joyce fanatics – as it includes much of Joyce’s furniture from his Paris apartment (where Finnegans Wake was principally written) and it includes Leopold Bloom’s front door (No.7 Eccles Street, as you probably know). It might be a bit “cosy” on Bloomsday, but there are few better places to soak up the atmosphere of a group who love Joyce.

On Yer Bike

On the 14th the messenger bike rally will be taking place across the city to coincide with the Bloomsday celebrations. The city will be filled to the gills with people dressed in Edwardian attire visiting their favourite pub – but these particular lunatics will be touring the city in a parade-like array of bikes. It’s all for a good cause – so why wave them on as they roll on past? Or even better, come prepared and join in!

There are, of course, plenty of readings of the novel to be had – one of the most popular being atop the James Joyce Tower and Museum. If you can’t make that then there’s always a reading going on somewhere on Bloomsday, usually with the famous tongue-loosening agent known as Guinness. If you want a sure bet, then head down to The Bailey where Bloomsday dishes will be served along with the reading (as well as a few free hats – bizarrely).

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