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Dublin For Free

Everyone travels on a budget of one sort or another, so it can be really handy to be able to stretch the pennies a little further by mixing a few free visits into your hectic schedule! Dublin is an ideal city to do this with its long history and reputation for arts and culture, and their willingness to share it for free!ParksA great way to refresh your body and soul after a heavy night out is to visit one of Dublin’s amazing green spaces. Breathe deep the clear air heavy with the scent of flowers still in bloom and...
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The best music festivals in Dublin this Summer

One of the most beautiful cities in Europe and rated as one of the top 30 cities in the world, Dublin is a genuine cultural hub. Alongside the diverse nature of the city (which includes the Irish Museum of Modern Art and the National Gallery), there are a range of killer festivals to attend during the summer months.  Dublin is the perfect location for enjoying a few pints of some good old Guinness and watching some of the UK’s finest acts take to the stage.Check out some of the best music festivals the Emerald Isle has to offer this summer.Longitude...
A Guide to Temple Bar Trad Fest

A Guide to Temple Bar TradFest

The Dublin Temple Bar TradFest is the king of the Irish music festivals. It lasts for five days and five nights only and has been running every year since 2005. With over 200 events throughout,  it can be a little overwhelming. We've done the hard work for you and come up with the things you have to see while you're there:MusicThe HeadlinersThe Dublin Legends ( formerly world famous “The Dubliners“ ): 'They have been performing throughout the world for over 60 years. The band garnered international success with their lively Irish folk songs, traditional street ballads and instrumentals.'Paul Brady:...
NYE Guide

What To See At The Dublin New Year Festival

New Year celebrations aren't just about the final countdown in Dublin, and they’re extra special this year. The NYE Dublin Festival 2013 marks the end of The Gathering 2013, which is a year-long celebration of everything awesome about Ireland. 2013 has seen clan gatherings, festivals and sports events take place all over the country, and the New Year celebrations are the perfect way to finish off a great year.The festival begins with The People’s Procession of Light early in the evening on the 31st, then follows on with The NYE Dublin Countdown Concert. Celebrations come to an end at...

Guide To Dublin Culture

For once staying up late in Dublin doesn't have to be all about the beer and dancing (although, of course, there's nothing stopping you doing that as well!). Dublin's Culture sees museums, galleries, churches, historic buildings and more all open their doors for you to discover and adventure through.Here is a selection of some of the best bits to tempt your intellectual palette.Ingenious Ireland Guided ToursGuided tours may seem a little kitsch nowadays, but it's a good way to get a little bit of Dublin under your nails. This tour of the architecture, history and geology of the city...

Generator Guide To Dublin Culture