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May City Events in Copenhagen

May in Copenhagen means Distortion, the annual clubbing fest that engulfs the city. However, there are loads of other things on in this amazing city. Check out our guide on what to do and see:

1. Nykredit Copenhagen Marathon, city-wide – 19th May

You cannot help get caught up in marathon fever if you are in Copenhagen this May. An estimated 200,000 spectators turned up last year so the streets will be thronging with enthusiastic watchers soaking up the buzzing atmosphere. The course winds throughout the city, but we think the best places to cheer on the runners will be the start-finish straight along Islands Brygge where the tension will be electric. There are also hot spots around the course with music, food and drink and other entertainment to keep you occupied while waiting for the race to catch you up. Some of the local cafes also offer special discounts called “marathon deals”; so why not treat yourself to a marathon brunch?

2. Copenhagen Beer Festival at TAP1 – 23rd – 25th May

Beer festival, enough said! If you didn’t know TAP1 is one of the old bottling plants belonging to the Carlsberg Brewery which is huge and full of character in itself. With the popularity of the micro brewery in Copenhagen, the festival is not dominated by the big names and you will find as many types of beer as there are stalls; so whether you love a larger or prefer a bitter something will tickle you palate. Don’t forget to buy your tickets in advance as you get a discount, and also if you join the Danish Beer Enthusiasts you will also get even more money off.

3. Copenhagen Carnival, city-wide – 18th May

We are always in the mood for a carnival, and Copenhagen does it well. Exotic dancers, music stages, street entertainers and a huge parade – what’s not to like? The parade will be smaller than previous years, but will be jammed-packed full of excitement and colour. If you are in Copenhagen on 18th May then we will see you there.

4. Friday Rock Festival 2013 at Tivoli – 10th May

As the Friday Rocks season at Tivoli really starts to get going they offer a mini rock festival. This gig starts earlier than most of the late night shows, at 2.30pm, but it is still free and still just as awesome. With six stages and more than 30 Scandinavian bands, the park will rock for 12 hours. Most of the bands will be new and up and coming so you will get the chance to see the new face of Danish music first.

5. Guided Tour Of The Harbour Exhibition at Danish Architecture Centre – Every Saturday

If you are planning a weekend break in Copenhagen one thing we would recommend is the tour of the Harbour Exhibition. The harbour is the beating heart of the city and it is still growing and developing. The harbour area is slowly returning to the citizens as an open recreation area which includes the harbour baths, the Royal Danish Playhouse and Bryggebroen (the Quay Bridge). The tour itself is free, but you will have to pay to get into the Danish Architecture Centre (this is also free if you have a Copenhagen Card), and the English language session is at 2pm so get down there for a slice of Copenhagen history.

6. Golden Days, city-wide – 5th May Onwards

Celebrating the 200th birthday of Søren Kierkegaard this year, the Golden Days festival will have a very philosophical feel to it. Just a little background; Søren Kierkegaard was a Danish philosopher who wrote about organised religion, morality and ethics and is considered to be the first existentialist. The festival goes on until November so you will have plenty of time to see the exhibitions, art work, lectures and musical events. What should you see? Up to you but we like the look of the guided tour of Assistens Cemetery where Kierkegaard is buried, or the display of original Kierkegaard artefacts at the Museum of Copenhagen. For something a bit more highbrow try one of the French inspired salons in Vesterbro where there will be philosophical discussion with wine, nibbles and comfy chairs.

7. Distortion, city-wide – 29th May – 2nd June

If you have ever been to Distortion you will know it is a barely controlled maelstrom of drinking, fun-loving clubbers, effectively partying around one of the most hip and trendy capitals in Europe. You can have a shed load of fun, especially as during the day events are free! This year a new venue for the street party has been added, the harbour. Don’t miss the final party at Refshaleøen and the chill out parties the next morning at various clubs. Dance ‘til you drop!

8. Linkoban at VEGA – 25th May

After all that excitement, how about a regular gig? Are you ready for Linkoban a Danish born rapper who has been banned in China? A Chinese heritage gives her a passing resemblance to the girl from the original “Grudge” films so she appears quite scary at first but her mind-blowing skill with words will soon have you tapping your feet. Since her first smash hit “Like This”, and an extraordinary performance at Roskilde 2012, she is returning triumphantly to VEGA. Just go and see her.

9. Eurovision Song Contest at Malmo – 14th – 18th May

Now for a bit of a culture clash, and the “love it or hate it” Eurovision Song Contest! Despite the criticism and in-fighting this is one of the most popular viewing nights across Europe so why not get involved; even if it’s ironically? This year the completion is at the Arena in Malmo which is only a short train ride from Copenhagen. So whether you think it is great fun or a great farce you will not be able to escape the hype if you are in Copenhagen this week, you might as well enjoy it. The tension will be almost unbearable as the judges tot up the points and reveal the scores. We think it is fun to see who gets the lowest score but our money this year is on the Danish entry Emmelie De Forest – Only Teardrops.

10. The Spring Exhibition 2013 at Charlottenburg Museum – Until 12th May

Just a short walk from Generator is the Kunsthal Charlottenborg, and this month they are celebrating the arrival of spring with their Spring Exhibition. This year the theme is the impact of globalisation on human beings and societies. The artists are primarily new or emerging, and come from Denmark as well as Europe and the rest of the world. If you have a Copenhagen Card then entrance to the museum is free. So if you are into modern art and have a spare couple of hours this is the ideal place to go. Another plus is that right outside is Nyhavn where you can grab a bite to eat afterwards or simply sit back with a cold one and watch the world go by.

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