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February City Events in Copenhagen

There are few European cities that are packed with as much culture and history as Copenhagen. From beautiful waterside scenes to the jumping nightlife at clubs like VEGA; Copenhagen offers a mix of old and new. Here is a small selection of things happening in Copenhagen this February, which all can easily be accessed from the hostel.

Vincafeen Bibendum – Wine Bar 14th February

February is the month for love and Copenhagen is the perfect place for couples to wander hand-in-hand along a canal or have an intimate dinner over candlelight. However, if you are over all that and just want to forget the date then head to Vincafeen Bibendum – a cosy little wine bar not far from Norreport station. The atmosphere, helped along by the friendly staff, is more like someone’s front room than a restaurant, with mostly locals chatting and laughing over dinner. The selection of wines is impressive and you will see many varieties from different countries to taste while you are tucking into their tapas style nibbles.

Copenhagen Cooking Winter Edition – City Wide– All Month

Copenhagen is a city famous for its delicious seafood food and Copenhagen Cooking is a chance to sample some of the best. There are loads of events across the city but a particular highlight of this month long festival is the attention to seasonal delicacies like the blue mussel or ‘Blue Gold’ as it is known locally. Take a trip on the Gastro Cruise every Saturday and visit six different restaurants, each tempting you with dishes inspired by local ingredients. A dinner at the Design Museum interprets the modern meal with “The Social Act” and the focus is on interaction, humour and sharing food with other people. If you are a seafood fan then Copenhagen Cooking is definitely a must, if you are in the Copenhagen hostel during February. For a warming dish in between events try the organic currywurst at Cafe Fodbold, inspired by the famous German delicacy.This spicy sausage will warm you all the way down to your toes.

Wondercool – City Wide – All Month

Wondercool is Copenhagen’s major winter festival and combines several different festivals across the city from the Copenhagen Cooking (see above) to special exhibitions and music. With events in music, architecture, art, fashion and much more, you are sure to find something to interest you. Obviously we can’t list everything here, but we think you will like the free fashion show at the famous shoe store ‘ Apair’ to get a head start on what is good for next season. Also pop by the Black Diamond for some legendary jazz by Scott Hamilton and Jan Lundgren or for something a little different see ‘Get The Blessing’ at the Jazzhouse, a band which combines jazz and rock.

Copenhagen Art Fair at Radisson Blu Falconer Hotel – 22nd – 24th February

Ever fancied owning some genuine art created by an actual artist? If you are in Copenhagen in February then head down to the Copenhagen Art Fair where you can see, and even buy, art by local artists. Many of the artists will be there, so you can have a chat with them about their work and get a little bit of history on each piece. More than 170 artists will be showing their work, which includes paintings, sculpture and jewellery, so there will be plenty to choose from whether you are into straight up landscapes or more surreal stuff, you will find something to suit your tastes.

Copenhagen Hostel Street Graffiti

Ane Trolle at Koncerthuset – 8th February

If you are looking for some great music then try Ane Tolle at Koncerthuset. This Danish born singer-songwriter is one of the most recognised in the country, but has yet to make a big impression on the rest of the world. Her true talent is freestyling, which means she can pretty much get up and sing to any style of music be it hip-hop, jungle, reggae, house or electro, and this is how she first came to the attention of the underground club scene in Copenhagen. Her first solo project and album “Honest Wall” shows her maturity as a singer as well as songwriter. The album has been inspired by her world travels and shows a varied mix of moods and styles which perfectly show off her charming vocals.

Slash at Falconer Theatre – 24th February

A man who needs no introduction, Slash, undoubtedly is one of the world’s greatest guitar players. If you have ever tried to play Guns n’ Roses on Guitar Hero you will know what an amazing talent this man has. His mainstream success with heavyweight band Velvet Revolver proved that he was good enough to head out on his own after Guns n’ Roses split and he is now going solo on this world tour. Despite his now semi-domestic life, the fire is still there. Check out this latest track off his album “Apocalyptic Love”.

Liquorice Festival at Grilleriet, Copenhagen – 9th – 10th February

If you are a fan of the black stuff, no not Guinness, we mean liquorice then you have to check out the Liquorice Festival in Copenhagen this month. This is part of the Wondercool Festival and will take you on a sensory tour of the life of liquorice. From the root of the liquorice right through to the gourmet experience; the Grilleriet offers talks, mini workshops and, of course, taster sessions. This is an unusual experience and well worth the 250DKK to get in. Don’t forget to book in advance though as space is limited. Remember to try the liquorice dipped in chocolate, which is a particular favourite in Generator Copenhagen.

Alegria Cirque Du Soleil at Forum – from 13th February

Cirque du Soleil is a place to let your imagination run free; be swept along in the swirl of costumes and the twirl of acrobats to an alternate universe. “Alegria” is Spanish for happiness, joy and jubilation and that is exactly what you will feel after this amazing show. The Alegria was specially created for the 10th anniversary of Cirque du Soleil and is a slight departure from the usual; it is a darker and more dramatic piece. The show begins gently enough with a strolling band of musicians playing upbeat tunes but shortly after the breathtaking acrobatics and story lines intertwined with heart-warming humour and wit take over.

Andy Warhol Exhibition: Early Drawings – Louisiana Museum of Modern Art – 1st – 21st February

Andy Warhol is an iconic name in the art world and his life and work have been extensively exhibited over the years. However, if you are a fan of post modern art then this new exhibition is a must as it features some recently discovered work by Warhol. Around 300 drawings of his early period in the 1950’s are shown. The pieces on offer are mainly sketches that have been copied or traced from magazines and newspapers. The works show his unique talent and his fascination with the human form.


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