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April City Events in Copenhagen

One of the highlights of the April calendar in Copenhagen is the Queen’s birthday. She is a much loved character and if you are in the city then the atmosphere is amazing. Here are our best picks for this month:

1. Queen Margrethe’s Birthday at Amalienborg Palace – 15th April

Queen Margrethe is adored by the Danish so every year on her birthday huge numbers fill the square in front of the Amalienborg Palace. At noon the Queen comes out onto the balcony (similar to the one at Buckingham Palace) after the famous changing of the guard ceremony. If you are in the crowd then be prepared to be almost deafened by the huge cheer that goes up when she appears. After a few minutes and some dignified waves the Queen and her party head back inside. The crowd then responds will a chant of “Margrethe, Margrethe, kom nu frem, ellers går vi aldrig hjem” (“Margrethe, Margrethe, come on out, or we will never go home”) and she pops back out a couple of times for a few more smiles and waves. Have a look at the 2010 celebration

Copenhagen Royal Palace

2. CPH PIX at Various Cinemas – 11th – 24th April

CPH PIX is one of Europe’s largest film festivals and was launched on the 13th March with the opening of Harmony Korine’s long-awaited ‘Spring Breakers‘. There are too many films for us to list so how about a few highlights. Films to look out for are ‘No’, ‘War Witch’ and ‘Kon-Tiki’ all of which were nominated for Oscars in the Foreign Language Film Category. So if you are a film lover then head to Copenhagen for a movie marathon.

 3. Taste Of Italy at Tivoli – 12th – 14th April

Copenhagen is a city well known for its fabulous food but did you know that there is a strong Italian influence here? There is a whole festival dedicated to the Taste of Italy at Tivoli this April. So if you are partial to pasta or crave Chianti then this is for you. A whole weekend immersed in Italian culture with more than 500 different tasting opportunities. Many of the local restaurants will be featuring so you can relive the festival after it has finished. You will need to buy a ticket beforehand on-line to guarantee a place so get your finger tapping right now for the most intense Italian experience of the year.

4. Friday Rock at Tivoli – 12th April

April sees the fantastic return to Tivoli of Friday Rock. Every Friday Copenhagen celebrates the start of the weekend with a bang and a huge amazing outdoor concert. You know the programme is going to be excellent as always – so why not rock up a bit early and have dinner around the main stage with a beer before joining the main throng for the action? The opening gig is the Specktors a Danish hip hop group; you may have seen them at last year’s Roskilde Festival. Their latest album “Kadavermarch” features some awesome tracks..

5. Mary Cassatt Exhibition at Ordrup Gaard – All Month

Now for some culture. Mary Cassatt was one of the most influential Impressionist painters in the late 19th Century. Cassatt rubbed shoulders with the likes of Edward Degas, Monet and Cezanne in Paris and was a leading light in the impressionist movement. This exhibition is of her work on paper which is an important contribution to the experimental era of the time. The Ordrup Gaard is a little way out of Copenhagen but it is easy to get to by train and this exhibition is well worth the visit. 

6. Nabiha at VEGA – 18th April

For lovers of good R’n’B then this Danish singer is a must see. Nabiha has a stunning voice not unlike some of the great divas of the past and she’s becoming a regular on her home turf at VEGA. If that wasn’t enough she also writes her own material and all of her singles have charted within the Top 10 in Denmark. Despite her local upbringing in Vesterbro, Nabiha is very much in touch with her African roots. She has supported the tours of music giants like James Morrison, Jamie Cullum and Rasmus Seebach; so she is definitely on the rise. Her latest single “Mind The Gap” went to number 1 in the Danish charts. Don’t miss this gig if you are in Copenhagen in April.

7. Katvig Swap Party at Karrierebar – 27th April

Have you ever bought something that was on sale and then instantly regretted it as soon as you got home? If so the Katvig Swap Party is definitely somewhere you need to be this month in Copenhagen. Be warned though you need to bring some of your own old stuff to swap. For every item of clothing you bring you can exchange it for something else. The force behind the idea is Vigga Svensson who is passionate about clothes and re-usability  We all have stuff in the wardrobe we never wear, why not take it along and get some new threads?

Copenhagen City Ad

8. Parkrun at Faelledparken – Every Saturday

Still trying to shift some Christmas pounds or struggling to keep to your New Years resolution of “getting fit” (whatever that means!)? Then head out to Faelledparken on a Saturday. You will be joined by other like minded people in a beautiful location for a simple 5km run. It is completely free to enter (fab), but you do need to register before you go. The run is on gravel paths and does a complete circuit of the park. You go at your own pace and enjoy the greenery; there is no rivalry unless you bring it.

9. Wednesday Concerts – Royal Danish Conservatory of Music – Every Wednesday

Bring on the brass and sort out the strings. The Wednesday Concerts by the Royal Danish Conservatory of Music are a great way to appreciate some classical music. Every Wednesday at various venues across the city there will be a free, yes that is free, concert by one of the most prestigious orchestras in Europe. So if you rave about Rachmaninov or are bonkers for Bach then roll up for this free concert in Copenhagen.

10. The Conspiracy of Spring at Dansehallerne – 23rd March – 4th April

Let’s have some dance to finish off. The Conspiracy of Spring is a fast paced piece inspired by Bronnie Ware’s book “The Top Five Regrets of the Dying” and the famous poem “Do not go gentle into that good night” by Dylan Thomas. The theme is affirmation of life, the desire to live forever and battle death to the last breath. One of the performers is a member of Jackie Chan’s stunt team, Andy Long. He has the moves as you can see from his action reel from a couple of years ago. 

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