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April Copenhagen Hostel Events

Generator presents STREET WALK by Keen Heick-Abildhauge

Exhibition: 26th April until 1st June

Live: Opening Party 26 th April featuring Dj Niko Yu

Time: 8pm to 2am

In his own words, Keen Heick-Abildhauge:

    • Real life
    • Honesty
    • Curious

Street walk is my way of being curious and adventurous. I wish to capture the small moments in life that we are just passing by when we walk on the streets or sit at a bar or restaurant. It´s all about seeing the beauty that we are surrounded by in our everyday life without really paying attention. Now I have captured it in pictures, so we will remember it for the rest of our lives.

Street walk Keen Heick-Abildhauge

A bit about the artist

I try to be open minded and curious about life. I love looking trough my camera and here the click og magic when I am freezing time, and making a snapshot of life, that never can be done again. That is just fantastic.

I have the feeling of seeing the world that i am surrounding much clear through my camera, and that is also why i cant’ stop doing it. I am Danish ,30 years, and have recently started a new adventure in my life of becoming a father!

Why Generator is such a good fit:

Generator first of all gave me the opportunity to do it ;) And I am so happy they did. It just feel so right, that my work is going to be in a place with so much energy, new people every day, young and old etc. many cultures. People are staying at Generator, because they wanna see Denmark/cph, just the way I saw all the cities in my Street Walk project, its about being curious, and be adventurous and I have that feeling about Generator.

Here is a littel sneak peek: 

Welcome to Thomas Woody at Generator Copenhagen’s exhibition space!

New hostel exhibition starts on 12th April

We welcome the local artist Thomas Woody as he officially opens up his exhibition in our first floor space. Thomas’s printed graphic designs have an extravagant cartoon character and you will find amusing animal prints adorned with modern day gadgets and other daily essentials like suitcases or even spaceships.

The exhibition will start with an opening event on Friday, 12th April from 8pm.

Join us for themed cocktails, and see what special and unique prints Thomas will be bringing and selling! Hopefully his back-packing badger will be one of the exhibits.

Entrance is free and everyone is invited, so don’t miss the opportunity to meet and greet this great Dansk artist.

More info about the event you can find on Facebook.

Thomas Woddy Hyane

Thomas Woddy Hyane


What Thomas Woody says about his style (artist quote):

“I am an educated animator. I am 26 years old. I graduated from The Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark in February 2008. I have worked as an animator at the production company Copenhagen Bombay, where I animated on the movie, The apple and the worm and later on, the TV Show Pandaerne (The Pandas). And right now I draw a comic strip for a Danish newspaper.

What I’m trying to do here is to create a universe of characters, characters that are a mix of graphic design and classic cartoon style. The classic cartoon style is very important for me, because I have a background as an cartoon animator and it’s important that people can tell that when they look at my pictures. The graphic design is also important for me. I find it more and more interesting to work with and it gives my pictures a nice and simple graphic look.”

More about Thomas is here.


Spring Break Party

Lets help the sunshine in the year and in a good old American fashion we are hosting the hostels first SPRING BREAK PARTY.

Daytona beach, Fort Lauderdale, Generator Copenhagen- imagine yourself amongst palm trees, good vibes and delicious cocktails.
We are opening our outside terrace with a massive celebration of the US nations most famous university break.
French born DJ Jay Brown will transfix the audience with his progressive deep house tunes, hopefully revealing his trademark: sampling his music from three decks.

When: Friday, 12th April, party kicks off at 9pm

Where: not Miami beach, but Generator Copenhagen is close

Who’s there: DJ Jay Brown will spin the decks

Spring Break Copenhagen


80s and 90s Party

Everyone’s favourite decades: The 80’s and 90’s. Indiana Jones, Top Gun, Ghostbusters, New Order, Prince and Salt &Pepper… I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it…
I’m about to lose control and I think I like it

Come and celebrate the music and fashion with DJ Jay Brown on the decks.

When: Saturday, 20th starting at 9pm

It’s the final countdown…..

Dancing Girls


Vintage Wonders Closing Bash

Join us the say farewell in style to our first vintage exhibition at the Generator in Copenhagen.

Stylish tunes will be provided by Ashibah (Live), DJ Bronx and DJ Phil Jones

When: 6th April from 9pm

Where: the Bar

Who’s going: Great Danes and Vintage lovers

RSVP by 3rd April at the bar

Vintage wonders closing bash

…and this is a little teaser, if you missed the exhibition….



Mystery Mondays

Why not visit the bar and try out our mystery cocktail for just 40 DKK?! Generator mixologists are always experimenting and land up making the smoothest, tastiest cocktails. Try our newest and hottest cocktails to quench your thirst. Every Monday at the bar.

Karaoke Tuesdays

Join the ridiculously popular karaoke night at Generator hostel in Copenhagen. Sing along to anything, from cheesy tunes to rock and pop. And we’ve just added another 350 tracks to the selection. To spark some bravery, we offer the first five singers a FREE drink. Starts 9pm every Tuesday.

Wednesday Shots & Games – Student night

Try Generator Copenhagen’s 10 shots for 100 DKK, while playing games in the bar. We’ve got all types of games to choose from, including Slammin’ Shots. Every Thursday at the bar from 10pm.

Thursday Ladies’ Night

Generator pampers the ladies on Wednesdays. For just 35 DKK, ladies get Cosmopolitans and we offer 10 Pink Lady Shots for just 100 DK.

What’s more, guys get in on the fun by meeting Copenhagen’s Golden Lady (one of our signature Danish brewed beers for only 20 DKK a bottle!). Every Wednesday at the bar from 10pm until close.

Friday Karaoke Craze

Jumpstart your weekend with the wildly popular karaoke night at Generator. Sing along to anything, from cheesy tunes to rock and pop. Beat the crowds – this night is expected to be large! To spark some bravery, we offer the first five singers a FREE drink. Starts 9pm every Friday.

Chill Out Sundays

Movie night on the big screen – we offer soda and popcorn for 35 DKK, or a beer and popcorn for 45 DKK. Movie starts at 9pm in the lounge and bar and everyone is invited! We’re totally cool if you’re wearing PJ’s.

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