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Top Films To See At MIX CPH

Film festivals can be fun, thought provoking affairs. In CPH there are none more so than one of the oldest and biggest: CPH MIX. This celebration and dissection of LGBT issues and culture offers consistently high standard and variety of films submitted is stunning.

One of the biggest highlights is the Lili Prize. This is named after the first person to ever undergo gender reassignment surgery and is awarded to the best in each category, like best feature, best documentary and so on.

But how to you choose what to see? Here is a selection that we think are worth looking at:

Beyond The Hills

Seeking her true love Alina returns to Romania only to find Voichita has taken orders and has promised herself to God. Both actresses won an award at Cannes for their performance and the director Cristian Mungiu won for best screenplay.


Cross-dressing fun with a homoerotic twist. Poor Valle finds his life turned upside-down; divorced, jobless and living back at home. He goes for a job as a pilot only to find out the airline is looking for a woman to fill the role. Grabbing the lipstick and heels he does the decent thing to get the job. But things don’t always go according to plan.

Lesbophobia and Queen of the Desert

You are getting two documentaries for the price of one here. The first is a look through the eyes of some of South Africa’s women’s rights activists. The second teaches us that training indigenous Australians hairdressing is thankless work but, not too much for pink haired Starlady.


This love story started out as a viral You Tube video, then was picked up and artfully made into a documentary. Two men who just wanted to get married find out that life is not fair and unequal. Shane Bitney Crone and Tom Bridegroom shared the love that has no name but when tragedy strikes it becomes clear that according to law they might as well have been strangers.

Mix Proudly Presents

A series of shorts about love, dreams and hope. Including “Declaration”, how do you tell your best girlfriend that you love her? “Kiss Me Softly” being young and gay is complicated enough without your father being a self-centred Schlager singer [Link to Schlagermove article in Hamburg please].

Behind The Candelabra

Liberace, the world famous entertainer brings a little glam to the proceedings. This stunning film starring Michael Douglas and Matt Damon brings to life the stormy relationship between star and lover. This film marks the closing night of the festival so make sure you get tickets for the after party to relive the glamour.

Bonus Bits

If you are looking for a bite to eat or a great bar for a few drinks then keep your festival ticket handy as many restaurants, night clubs and bars offer special deals during the festival! You could be getting 2 for the price of 1 drinks in places like Vela and Gefärhlich or a two course dinner, two glasses of wine and a coffee for only 250DKK at Sebastopol.

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