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Five Places To See Copenhagen From Above

Copenhagen is a beautiful city however you look at it, but from above you get frankly extraordinary insights into the pulse of the city. As there are no towering monoliths in Copenhagen each of the individual and exciting viewpoints offers only a small peek into a slice of the city.

With this in mind here’s our list of places to see Copenhagen from above.

Church of Our Saviour’s Spire

Apart from being a terrifying climb, this church offers some of the best views of the city. Heading up on a windy day can make you feel like you’re going to be blown off – but that’s all part of the fun.

It is alleged by local legend that the designer of the tower drew the direction of the spiral the wrong way round and, when realising his mistake, immediately strode to the top and threw himself off. We think it’s worth sticking around for the views though.

You can get some great views of urban Copenhagen and the hustle and bustle of the surrounding streets. Other sights nearby includes Christiana where there’s a quite a different meaning of “high”.

Copenhagen Spiral Tower

Copenhagen Spiral Tower 

Round Tower

King Christian IV of Denmark built this architectural feat for the purposes of being able to ride his horse to the observatory which sits atop the tower. While the tower is only 36 metres tall the wide spiral “ramp” means those walking on the inside walk 85 metres while those on the out-side must trek 268 metres.

The views from the top of the tower’s open, circular viewing platform give a great impression of the city centre. There’s also a seating area if you want to take your time taking in the view.

Rigsarkivet’s Green Roofs

If you’ve felt the alluring pull of the National Archive Centre’s strange, brutal buildings you’re not alone. The Rigsarkivet’s roof has been turned into an open green space inhabited by cyclists, skateboarders and those who want to take in views of the harbour. It’s well worth checking out for the strangeness of the location and the slightly alien feel of the garden’s layout.

The Star Flyer

This might be considered a bit of a cheat, but the Star Flyer at Tivoli can offer some of the best, if fleeting, views of the city and Tivoli Park itself. The Star Flyer is a carousel ride at Tivoli which takes you 80 metres high into the air while rotating at great increasing speeds.

Copenhagen is a city which sparkles in the evening so it is well worth having a go in the evening when the stars are out and the city is lit up. This will give you the opportunity to experience Copenhagen city events at night.

Lunch at Cafe Hovedtelegrafen

One of the most-often heard complaints about climbing tall buildings is that you can’t see the, usually beautiful, building you’re in. If you’d like to try a traditional Danish lunch amongst the copper-tops of Copenhagen then cafe Hovedtelegrafen is the place to go at the top of the communication tower. The view is great and the bill won’t break the bank. If you’re really hungry why not head down for their brunch buffet?

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