Rooms & Rates

Private rooms, twins or dorm rooms are all available at fantastic Generator prices at the hostel in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg. You’ve got the choice between en-suiteness in our Berlin Prenzlauer Berg hostel rooms or shared bathrooms with showers of unbelievable powers on every floor. Find out below what rate I can generate for you now.

Twin Prenlauer Berg

Private Twins

Rooms sizes: Single | Double

The big secret is out. We have private twin rooms in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg. Just don’t tell everyone, as...

From €23
Berlin PB dorm


Rooms sizes: 14 beds | 8 beds | 6 beds

Feeling social? Well the dormitories in Berlin or dorms for short are perfect for groups and single travellers a...

From €10

Female Dorms

Rooms sizes: 8 beds

When it comes to looking after the ladies no one does it better. The Berlin Prenzlauer Berg hostel models dorms...

From €10
Berlin PB triple & quad

Private Triples &...

Rooms sizes: 3/4 beds

So you and a few of your nearest and dearest are thinking of a trip. Well walk this way. There’s room for...

From €13.50
Female luxury dorm

Deluxe Female Dorm

Rooms sizes: 8 beds

The newly refurbished female dorm, includes all the amenities of the existing female dorm plus extra deluxe girly...

From €11.50