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March City Events in Berlin


March is a busy month for Berlin with music festivals and Easter coming. Here is a rundown of some of the more interesting things going on:


MaerzMusik – 15th – 24th March

It wouldn’t be March in Berlin without the MaerzMusik music festival; the clue is in the name! Although most of the action will be at the Haus der Berliner Festspiele during the festival there will also be selected events around the city. This year there are three themes running through the festival: impact testers, mini drama and fractures. All relate to the increasing importance of drums and percussion in modern music. Try the festival opener Michael Gordon’s “Timber” performed on battered crude hardwood beams of various lengths or the Electronic Experimental Improvisation of Mahmoud Refat at Club Berghain.

11mm – 10th International Football Film Festival at Babylon Berlin Mitte – 14th – 19th March

Love football? Want to see films about the glorious game? Then head to the Babylon Cinema this March for the 10th International Football Film Festival. Films will show the social and cultural background of the sport and how it cuts through boundaries of class and wealth, religion and culture. Football reaches all the strata of society and the audience feels all the emotion of victories, triumphs, bitter defeats and tragic heroes.

The Black Rider – by William S. Burroughs at Schaubühne – 3rd – 5th March

For some dark and romantically, tragic theatre The Black Rider fits the bill. Based on an old German folk tale of unrequited love and a pact with the Devil, this Faustian plot will intrigue and excite you. A young, shy, love struck writer wants to wed the huntsman’s daughter but has to prove himself a good shot for the father to approve. The Devil offers him some magic bullets that will hit whatever he aims at. However, one of the bullets is controlled by the Devil who uses it to shot the young man’s fiancée on their wedding day! Bite the bullet and join in with some dark, Germanic folklore!

Walk Off The Earth at Huxley’s Neue Welt – 29th March

Walk Off The Earth are a bit of fresh indie air in the world of manufactured pop. Their low budget music videos of covers and originals have slowly built their success through no dependency on record labels or even much marketing. Like some other now famous names, notably Justin Bieber and Christina Perri, Walk Off The Earth started out just posting videos on You Tube. The band’s cover of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know” became rapidly popular on and in early 2012 it had over 127 million views in four months. We think it’s awesome, judge for yourself.

Fantasy Film Festival at Cinestar, Sony Centre – 23rd – 24th March

Not for the faint of heart the Fantasy Film Festival will certainly have you on the edge of your seat as you anticipate the appearance of zombies, killer bees, aliens or whatever mind-numbingly scary monsters dreamt up by the exhibitors. Try the “ABC’s of Death” with 26 shorts focusing on the end of life in all its vicious wonder and brutal beauty. It’s not just about the scare though as other films are more of the comedy horror type and will have you laughing at the antics of hapless, gory, anti-heroes. For something a little more on the comedic side see “John Dies At The End” a darkly comic horror about dropped out students doing dangerous drugs and their highly amusing tripped out travels.

Lil Wayne at Velodrom – 19th March

This star has spent virtually his whole life in the spotlight; signing at just nine to Cash Money Records with fellow rapper B.G., he knows what he is about. Claiming that no one else in the business can do what he does, Lil Wayne is supremely confident about his unarguable talent. With hits like “Go D.J.”, “Lollipop” and more recently “No Worries” it cannot be denied he is one of the greats of rap and hip hop. And the good news is that the Velodrom is literally a stone’s throw from Generator Berlin, so there is no excuse to miss this one.

Prussian Kitchen Chatter at Sanssouci Palace, Potsdam – 3rd March

A little way out of Berlin itself, on the S7 train line, is Potsdam. In times past this small town was once the residence of the kings of Germany and today the parks and palace of Sanssouci are open to the public in all their former splendour. For a glimpse of the history take the Prussian Kitchen Chatter Tour. This is a unique glimpse into the workings of the royal court kitchen with the head chef Andrea Tamanti Ferdinand. Find out what fruits were harvested in the park for the royal table, which herbs were growing in the kitchen garden as well as how the royal food was cooked and what wine was favoured. Just make sure you pre book as space is limited.

Berlin Konzerthaus

Long Night of Museums – 16th March

Another staple of Berlin calendar is the Long Night of Museums, where you get to wander round and soak up the culture of many of Berlin’s most famous museums and galleries. This year the theme is “Ruined Diversity” and will highlight the displacement of much of the city’s cultural heritage when the Nazi’s came into power in 1933. Each museum will have different events ranging from exhibitions, tours and readings to concerts, dance, workshops and hands-on programs. Berlin is the only city to have two of these events per year, this one in March and another in August. So you can get a double dose of culture.

E-Tropolis at C-Halle – 23rd March

If you are into electronic music then this is definitely up your street. E-Troplis is now in its third year and the focus is entirely on the world of machines and the imagery of Fritz Lang´s movie classic “Metropolis”. With a programme that includes giants in the electro world like Leæther Strip, Covenant and Grendel you can expect a heady mix of industrial synth-pop and alternative dance acts. There will also be the chance to meet the stars and get their autographs as well as a huge market for buying CD’s, artwork and other trinkets. For a sample here is the trailer.

Private/Corporate VII at Daimler Contemporary – All month

If you are looking for a modern art fix then head to the Daimler Contemporary this month. The collection there is exclusively 20th Century artist and covers everything from Max Bill to Andy Warhol. This is the seventh in the series of Private/Corporate art exhibitions and the spotlight is on contemporary Israeli and international tendencies in art. The exhibition has been put together by renowned collector Doron Sebbag and is entitled “Accelerating Toward Apocalypse”. The art styles are mixed between the more traditional oils and canvas and exquisitely, daring sculptures seemingly made from junk and rubbish. If you are a modern art lover then this exhibition will satisfy your craving and an added bonus it’s free!

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