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August City Events in Berlin

Berlin is busy, busy, busy in August. The German-American Festival is still going strong with its USA themed fun. The Long Night of Museums returns for the second time for a big bite of culture. Plus don’t miss the Berlin Beer Festival, it’s thirsty work appreciating art and music.

1. Long Night of Museums, city-wide – 31st August

Looking for everything from art and architecture to music and theatre? Well look no further. The summer edition of Berlin’s Long Night of Museums is just the thing. Museums, art galleries, theatres and all kinds of venues will be opening their doors to the public after hours for one night only. There are hundreds of events, many of which are free, so you are bound to find something to tickle your cultural palate. The theme this summer is “The demographic opportunity” and it explores the relationship between the generations. Get your culture kick in Berlin this August.

2. Dance in August, city-wide – 16th – 31st August

Tap your toes to one of the most important dance festivals in Europe this summer. Dance in August is very up to the minute with contemporary dance and artists and there is a strong emphasis on LBGT issues. Too many events to mention but you have to go and see one of the several pieces by the Trisha Brown Dance Company. Other notable acts include Emanuel Gat, Israeli choreographer, and local talent, Tino Sehgal.

Berlin Festival August

3. International Berlin Beer Festival at Friedrichshain – 2nd – 4th August

That’s enough culture and art for now, how about a beer? You will be spoilt for choice at the International Berlin Beer Festival. Three days and nights celebrating the love of hops at the longest beer table in Europe. As you wander, or possibly stagger, down the beer mile, on Karl-Marx-Allee, you will notice that it is divided into sections each with its own character, origin and favourite beers. Many of the beer producing regions in Germany are represented as well as international brands. So pull up your lederhosen and come along to make some new friends under German summer skies.

4. Berliner Gauklerfest – Juggler’s Festival at Schinkelplatz – 1st – 11th August

Some more fun of a slightly more sober nature, but no less silly. The Juggler’s Festival in Berlin is huge fun and not to be missed if you are still a child at heart. This festival attracts big name groups from around the world who love to perform in front of the Berlin residents. And it’s not just jugglers there are also plate spinners and hoola hoopers, magicians and musicians, amazing acrobats and so many “how did they do that?” moments you will be stunned. If you want some circus fun then head to the Schinkelplatz just off Unter den Linden.

5. Berlin Lacht Internationales Strassentheater Festival at Alexanderplatz – 1st – 18th August

For more street performance try out the Berlin Lacht International Street Theatre Festival. Not quite as many performers as the Jugglers’ Festival but still loads more than you could shake a stick at. This is a much more relaxed affair with more of a street theatre flavour. The idea is that street theatre transforms dull and boring streets into magical places populated with colourful characters and ideas. Cities need their own cultural identity and street theatre is a great way to start. So if you are looking for some free fun head down to Alexanderplatz, it might be a good idea to throw a few coins in the hat as well!

6. Xrace Inlineksate race, city wide – 25th August

Let’s have some sport now. If you are anything like us and have ever tried in-line skating you will know how tricky it can be, or you may have annoyingly picked it up straight away. The Xrace in Berlin this month is for those of the latter category. Thousands of speed skaters will be racing around the Tiergarten along the Stasse des 17 Juin. This is a long straight course of basically a “there and back again” style so you will have loads of space at the side of the road to watch the athletes. Why not make a day of it and pack a picnic, enjoy some sunshine and watch other people do all the hard work?

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