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Get The Most Out of Berlin’s Long Night of Museums – 31 August

If you have never heard of Berlin’s Long Night of Museums, where have you been? Many European cities now have a similar cultural feast but the idea started off in Berlin more than 15 years ago. So what happens?

More than 100 museums and a few other cultural centres like theatres and arts centres open their doors late into the evening so that the general public can wander around at their leisure. There are often special events and exhibitions just of the occasion and there is a very festive atmosphere.

This August you will be spoiled for choice and will have no trouble satisfying your cultural appetite. Here are a few which we think will be worth a look:

Museum Guide Berlin

Anti-War Museum

Right in the centre of Berlin this museum commemorates the two World Wars. Experience what it was like to be in an air raid shelter. See some of the weapons used in war both modern and historic. Examine maps of both wars and discover what happened where.

Archenhold-Sternwarte Observatory

The perfect time to visit an observatory is during a warm summer night when the stars seem so close you can almost touch them. If you want to find out about the history of our universe or just want to find out what you are looking at tonight then head to Treptow Park and the Archendol-Sternwarte Observatory.

Museum of Things

This is one of our favourite places to go in Berlin. Eclectic does not do justice to the massive variety of objects on display here. Many are everyday items that you would find in modern homes but are displayed as examples of bad taste or described as kitsch.

Charlottenburg Castle

This stately old château will be putting on a bunch of entertainments this evening including tours and a concerto of Soloists by the Berlin Residential Orchestra.

Berlin Musical Instrument Museum

If you love music like us then try the Berlin Musical Instrument Museum. On this night there will be a special showing of the silent film “Richard Wagner” which gives a complete story of the great German composer from his childhood through to his illustrious career.

Loxx am Alex

Want to see all of Berlin but just can’t get round everything? Then visit Loxx am Alex which has a huge model of the city including a working railway system. You can see Berlin’s most famous sights on a small scale. Buildings to look out for include the smallest chocolate factory in the world, Berlin central station and the Government district.

Berlin GDR Motorcycle Museum

If you are a fan of two wheels then try the Berlin GDR Motorcycle Museum. One of the museum’s highlights includes the several models of the “Schwalbe” cult scooter that are on display.

All museums charge the same flat fee of 18Euros which we think is a bargain and you can get a Long Night of Museums, or Museums Mobile, app for your smartphone to help you decide what to see and when. The only problem is you’re going to want to come back in the morning to see everything you didn’t have time for!

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