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Seven ways to get around Berlin by bike

Where do I go? How do I get there? I need a brilliant bike-tastic Berlin travel guide. Don’t worry, in Berlin the bicycle is king and it is easy to get around using pedal power. Berlin Prenzlauer Berg hostel’s handy guide will help you out.

VeloBerlin is a chance for cycling enthusiasts and suppliers to get together to talk two wheels. Whether you are there to simply have a look around or are interested in the latest technology to achieve that top speed then this is the exhibition for you.

1. Velotaxi

Berlin is the birthplace of the Velotaxi; modelled on the more traditional cycle rickshaws of the far east they are more comfortable and stylish. These special bikes can be flagged down at one of their authorised stopping places in a similar way to a normal taxi, or you can hire one with a guide for a tour of the city.

2. Fat Tire bike tour

Every Wednesday and Saturday from 11am Fat Tire runs a city bike tour starting at the TV Tower in Alexanderplatz. The beach cruiser bikes they use are particularly comfortable and easy to ride and each one has a unique name so you can really get to know your trusty two wheeled steed.

 Bikes in Berlin

If you are the first time in Berlin, the Fat Tire Bike Tour gives you an excellent overview of the city. But even if you were here many times before, the tour helps you to new impressions. You will learn about the various facets of Berlin in one tour and see the many historical highlights.

Among other issues, the tour with Berlin’s founding, the Prussians, Weimar Republic, Hitler and the Third Reich, the Cold War, the division of Berlin by the wall, and of course with the Berlin of today. They stop every few hundred yards to chat about the scenery so don’t worry about strenuous activity! You will spend the lunch break at one of Berlin’s beautiful parks or in a beer garden, so remember to bring some money for food.

Here are just some of the highlights that shows you the tour guide:

Brandenburg Gate * Holocaust Memorial * Gendarmenmarkt * Topography of Terror * The Berlin Wall * Potsdamer Platz * Column of Victory* Hitler’s bunker * Reichstag * Museum Island * Palace of the Republic * Soviet War Monument * Bebelplatz* Luftwaffe Ministry * Death Strip Watchtowers*

3. Berlin On Bike Tour

With a range of tours on offer Berlin on Bike tours have something for everyone. One of their most popular tours is “Berlin’s Best” which is ideal for those who only have a short time to spend in the city as you will see an interesting slice of historic Berlin as well as all the most famous sights. The English language tour takes about four hours and is 15km long and runs Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday from 11am starting at Kulturbrauerei.

4. Hire a bike for yourself

Many tour companies offer simple bike rental as well so you can get on your own two wheels and roam around the city by yourself. There are plenty of other bike hire companies all over the city just remember that you will probably need to have some ID such as a passport and a credit card to hire a bike.

5. Call a Bike

A new and innovative way to hire a bike is ‘Call a Bike’, where you can rent a bike virtually off the street. Simply register online then visit one of the many call stations around the city and pick up a bike with one phone call. When you have finished simply return the bike to a call station and lock it up.

6. Conference Bike Tour

If you have a group of friends with you then taking a ConferenceBike tour is a fun way to see Berlin. Each bike takes seven people arranged around a central table so you can chat about the sights while you ride. Standard tours are available including Historic Berlin starting at the Brandenburg Gate and Berlin Wall Tour.

7. Beer Bike in Berlin

For those who are interested in pedalling but also having a drink then the Berlin BierBike is for you. This is ideal for groups like hen and stag groups or just a party as the bikes have room for up to 16 people around the 360 degree bar; everyone has a set of pedals so the work is shared. With draught beer, sparkling wine and soft drinks as well as a sound system this is a really fun way to see the city.

We’re looking forward to welcome you in Germany’s most reflecting city. If you’re not big bike fan, then you can always take our Berlin walking tour.

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