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Berlin’s Best Wine Bars

When you think of alcoholic beverages from Deutschland there only one that comes to mind immediately right?

Berlin's Best Wine Bars

That’s right, wine. Oh, you were thinking of beer weren’t you? While Berlin is great for beer there’s also a number of frankly wonderful wine bars. Yes, Berlin can be a dirty city full of train beers, grotty (if amazing) clubs and regrettable curry-wurst. Sometimes you want to elevate your palate a little.

Germany is famous for the quality of its wines, and hopefully you’ll find enough national pride in Berlin’s bars to give them a go. If you fancy splashing out on something spectacular we recommend keeping an eye out for a good Eiswein (“ice wine”) on the menu and maybe splitting a bottle with a friend.

We like a glass of wine as much as anyone, so why not head down to some of our favourite wine bars:

Sissi – Motzstr. 34

This is a tiny Austrian-run restaurant and wine bar. Flamboyant flamingo pink and tennis-ball green make for a jolly setting to some simple, hearty food and an excellent wine list. It’s out of the centre of the city in the Schöneberg area, but worth it, especially considering the reasonable prices.

Rutz – Chausseestr. 8

This is the easy find for those looking for a wine-down after a long day of sightseeing and other obligatory tourist activities in the centre. There’s a casual downstairs area and a more formal restaurant upstairs (the food is renowned to be top notch, but that’s not what we’re here for). You’re paying more per glass here, but when it comes to the wonderful selection and the setting you’re getting your money’s worth.

Forum Weinerei – Fehrbelliner Str. 57

One of those Jekyll & Hyde bars where you can pop in for the day, use their Wi-fi, drink coffee and chill out – and then, as the sun goes down, the place turns into a fab little wine bar. It’s especially good for those who don’t know what they like quite yet as the “Wine tasting Buffet” allows you to “rent” a glass and try everything on offer – paying what you think it was worth to you afterwards. Careful though – they’re good.

Ars Vini – Templiner Straße 7

Just around the corner from Forum Wienerei is a small an intimate wine bar with the additional fun of offering cracking fondue. This is one well worth settling down in for the purposes of becoming very full and more than a little bit sedentary for the remainder of the evening.

Sorsi e Morsi – Marienburger Str. 10

A beautiful Italian wine bar, with enough about it to impress the eye as much as the palate. Even if you only stop in for a glass and a quick nibble of their lovingly put together anti pasti before heading on for the evening it’s worth a visit. Careful though, the locals and staff are known to be impossibly friendly – so you might have to stay for another glass or two!

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