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Best Club Nights to See in the New Year in Berlin

Berlin is a city that knows how to party, so it’s no surprise that when it comes to New Year’s Eve, there is a wide range of clubs and events to choose from. The city’s Brandenburg Gate offers a lively celebration with food, drink and fireworks, but it’s not your only option – if you want to dance the night away to great DJs and live music, here’s a glimpse of what else is on offer.NeonsplashHow about something completely different this New Year? We bet you haven’t been to one of these before – this is Europe’s biggest paint...
a guide to wine bars

Berlin’s Best Wine Bars

When you think of alcoholic beverages from Deutschland there only one that comes to mind immediately right?That's right, wine. Oh, you were thinking of beer weren't you? While Berlin is great for beer there's also a number of frankly wonderful wine bars. Yes, Berlin can be a dirty city full of train beers, grotty (if amazing) clubs and regrettable curry-wurst. Sometimes you want to elevate your palate a little.Germany is famous for the quality of its wines, and hopefully you'll find enough national pride in Berlin's bars to give them a go. If you fancy splashing out on something...
berlin art week featured

Guide To Berlin Art Week

With Berlin Art Week fast approaching once again we know it's difficult to find the best bits - it can all feel a little overwhelming in a city which is overflowing with culture, history and heritage in quiet weeks! To help you avoid drowning in indecision about where to get your art-fix we've put together some of our favourite upcoming exhibits, shows and installations from the Berlin Art Week.Body Pressure - Sculpture - Hamburger BahnhofSculpture always feels like art you can interact with - it changes as you move around it, its lines become interesting, complex or even go...
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Get The Most Out of Berlin’s Long Night of Museums – 31 August

If you have never heard of Berlin’s Long Night of Museums, where have you been? Many European cities now have a similar cultural feast but the idea started off in Berlin more than 15 years ago. So what happens?More than 100 museums and a few other cultural centres like theatres and arts centres open their doors late into the evening so that the general public can wander around at their leisure. There are often special events and exhibitions just of the occasion and there is a very festive atmosphere.This August you will be spoiled for choice and will have...

Free Things To Do In Berlin

A lot of capital cities can be a real pain in the wallet - luckily Berlin isn't one of them if you don't want it to be. In fact there's a ton of things you can do completely for free in Berlin! We have put together a list of things to do in Berlin that are absolutely free:1. Get a Free View of BerlinYou can appreciate the mix of the old and new characters of Berlin with a visit to the Reichstag. The glass dome was added in 1999 - more than 100 years after the original building was...

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