Man vs Food

Group Offers for Real Men

Eat big and drink smart with our Real Man Food menu for Generator groups of men, stags and hustlers. Wings, burgers, beers and all for a sweet price with Berlin group bookings.Food Package #1Snack options:Breakfast buffetBad boy manwhich and beer/ soft drinkA little summink sweet (muffin, donut or a cookie plus a beer/ soft drink or hot drink)Currywurst and beer/ soft drinkPrice: €4.50Food Package #2 Main meal options:Burger with a side of fries and beer/ prosecco/ soft drinkPizza and beer/ prosecco or soft drinkCurrywurst a side of fries and 2 beersPrice: €6.00Food Package #3 Sharing is caring:Cheese nachos for two plus...

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