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Top tips for a Night of Novelty in Berlin

Berlin has a night scene to get excited about! It is a city known for its love of techno music and partying all night long! With some clubs open seven days a week and some ‘nights’ known to go on for days, you’re not going to struggle to find somewhere to have a good time! But don’t be blinded by all this hype about the party scene, if you’re just looking for a watering hole to quench your first, this city will more than suffice!

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So, here’s some tips to make sure you have a good night out in Berlin:

  1. First and foremost, talk to the hostel staff about what type of night you are looking for. Generator Berlin Prenzlauer Berg hostel staff are an untapped resource, with an abundance of knowledge about what goes on in the city. As let’s not forget, in these pressing times anything can happen, a club or bar could quite easily declare bankruptcy and be shut down over a weekend so to avoid any hassle just get involved and ask some questions!
  2. If you’re going for a big night out, where you’re going to hit the clubs, be clued up on what to expect. At the end of the night, we don’t want you to be saying ‘the club only played techno and I would have liked more house’ or ‘the bouncers turned me away after I queued for an hour’. These problems can be avoided by knowing your stuff, for example, if you want to dance to house music then don’t go to a club with a reputation for playing techno! And understand that if a club has a strict, sometimes unfathomable door policy, it really is up to them! Just understand that ultimately they are trying to fill the club with people who they think represent that night the best and when you do get in you’ll see that what they actually manage to create is a dance floor full of people who are there for a good time and it’s brilliant!
  3. You can do simple things to improve your likelihood of getting in. Don’t goof around outside being rowdy or try to enter as a massive group as you’ll just instantly be turned away, it’s best to go up in small groups of 2 or 3. Also, make sure you’re dressed appropriately for the place you’re going to. Turning up in a shirt, with jeans and shoes on is unlikely to get you in to an underground night. But I’d say the best thing to do if you’re wanting to head to one of these clubs is to not be too rigid with your plans, if you don’t get in, well it just wasn’t your night, there will always be somewhere else you can go! Note: the three clubs with a reputation for having picky bouncers are: Berghain/Panorama, Watergate and Weekend. So be prepared, you might get in, you might not.
  4. Go out with an open mind, you’re going to see some very different looking people. With a population of 3.5 million and an unrivalled acceptance of the most liberal dress senses and hair styles you will ever see, Berlin is made for people who just want to be themselves, without a judgement cast, it works for them so enjoy it too!
  5. Club nights start late so don’t go before 12-1am unless you like dancing on your own! A good tip to bear in mind is don’t start too early, otherwise you’ll be heading home before the nights really got started!
  6. In terms of knowing where to go/deciding where to go, I would recommend getting a map from the Generator hostel in Berlin. There will definitely be a few bar and club locations recommended on there. Then you should add to this marking on a few places where you would like to go, and then when out, get in a conversation with a Berliner about where is good to go at that night, as a lot of cool, underground places won’t go out of their way to advertise their night.
  7. If you’re just looking for somewhere to chill out that’s really close to the hostel, then go to the hostel bar and check out Berlin hostel events! There are always people in there and there’s some great music played too. Or if you want to travel a little bit further away then consider Simon-Dach Str., Oranienburger Straße or Schönhauser Allee. Theres plenty to go at even when you’ve been to all of them!

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