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#GENWINTER | 5 Unusual Things to do on Valentine’s Day in Berlin

 Think outside the box for Valentine's day this year and try something you've never done before. We asked Frank of 'I Heart Berlin' to give you some ideas if you're out in Berlin during Valentine's weekend. Connect with Frank and the teamWebsite | Facebook| Twitter | InstagramThis Saturday is Valentine’s Day and everyone who is in a relationship or dating someone is all of a sudden under the pressure of doing something awfully romantic and sweet like buying lots of roses or going to a fancy restaurant. We could give you some recommendations for traditional Valentine’s Day things, but we thought: forget that! We have...
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#GENWINTER | Top 5 Christmas Markets in Berlin by i Heart Berlin

There's so much to do over the festive period, where do you start? Well as part of Genwinter, we've asked some of friends from each of our cities to share some inside knowledge and narrow it down for you. As part of #Genwinter we'll be sharing all the top spots to eat, drink, shop, ice skate and we've even got some alternative suggestions if you fancy doing something a little bit different this year! i Heart Berlin give you their top 6 Christmas markets in Berlin. Cliff notesTop 5 Christmas Markets in BerlinWeihnachtszauber at the Endangerment | An idyllic, traditional, family-style market...
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Top 5 coffee spots in Berlin by Blue Perk

For some of us coffee is an essential part of our daily routines, whether it's a pick me up in the morning at work, a warm drink while on-the-go or an aperitif just after a big meal. When you you travel to another city it's no different, so we got our friend Freddy over at Blue Perk to give you a run down of the top spots in Berlin for a coffee. Read up on his tips below. Cliff notesTop 5 coffee spots in BerlinRoamers | Cozy with an abundance of greenery and delicious finger foodNO FIRE NO GLORY | Freshly...
Comic Shop on Oranienstrasse

Our Favourite Second Hand and Vintage Shops In Berlin

It's nice to roll into a city and pick up some new cool vintage threads - and it's even better if they're cheap! While this isn't always the case there's a plethora wonderful vintage and second hand stores which are worth a rummage in throughout in Berlin. If you're after that retro or vintage look there are few better places to be! To get your vintage cool while rocking the streets of Berlin, have a look at our favourite second hand and vintage clothes shops in the city.Sing Blackbird - Sanderstrasse 11, KreuzköllnThere's more to Sing Blackbird than just...
Blu, an itlain street artist - commenting on individuality in modern society & comments on issues he feels are prevalent in society

Art in the streets of Berlin

The Alternative BerlinBerlin streets are awash with a variety of different street art styles, from giant stencils to the more recent paste-up phenomenon. The shortened lifespan of paste ups means that the street art landscape is constantly changing, evolving and adapting with the times with new creations cropping up all over the city on a daily basis. Street art can pretty much be found on and around any corner of the city but certain areas, often those that comprise of both former East and West Berlin and particularly those around the site of the Berlin wall, house many of...

Generator Art in the streets of Berlin

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