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The Penthouse

Barcelona hotel apartment





Say hello to the Penthouse at Generator Barcelona. For all you classy folk…

Besides taking you to all time new heights, you don’t get much better than staying in the Penthouse. We’re going to give you a taste of just how incredible our new penthouse apartment really is. Close your eyes then let your trusty imagination do the work.

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Waiting in the elevator you’ll feel the anticipation. Will it be all it’s cracked up to be? Walking through the front door, you’ll be instantly drenched in warm sunshine beaming through the ‘floor to ceiling’ windows. You might feel a little hot, fear not friend the fridge will be well stocked with cava to quench your thirst. Sipping your drink slowly you’ll wander through to the bedroom where your inner child will force you to bounce up and down on the queen size bed, feeling the soft Egyptian cotton beneath the soles of your feet. It’s been a long journey and your muscles might be sore and in need of a bath. Not many places can give you the option of looking out over Tibidabo Mountain whilst you soak in the tub. Gazing at the incredible view whilst drifting into a dreamlike state of relaxation, the only thing that’ll bring you to is your skin becoming uncomfortably prune like. Not to worry, we’ve got an extensive range of toiletries which will smooth over those pruney lines.

On to the private terrace and that’s when you’ll see it. La Sagrada Familia rising up over the horizon. It will be the last thing you see at night and the first thing you’ll wake up to in the morning. On your way out to dinner, strolling past reception, you’ll shake hands with our city ambassador, there to give you the extra special treatment you deserve. After dinner, having packed your clothes away into one of the two wardrobes provided, you’ll check your friends are ready to join you in your prestigious pad. Whilst perching on one of the two sofas in the lounge, you’ll plug an I-pod into the Air Speaker doc, and after clocking a pile of beach mats laid out for you, you’ll throw one into your bag for tomorrow.

It’s been a long day but rest assured sleepy heads, nothing will stir you in this bed. As you shut your eyes, your arduous travel to Barcelona seems like a thing of the past, a distant memory along with queuing for breakfast and walking miles for a cold beverage.

Start your trip in style at Generator Barcelona. Fill in a reservation enquiry form below to book your stay at the Penthouse.

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