Hostel Rooms

The right mix. Barcelona’s rooms are clean and comfortable, a relaxing stylish space and all en-suite. 

Barcelona Twin

Private Twins

Rooms sizes: Single | Double

Private twins and doubles are stylish, spacious and geared for the ultimate nights sleep. They come with smooth...

From €24.50

Private Triples & Quads

Rooms sizes: 3/4 beds

Enjoy the best of both worlds with our private dorm rooms... Super soft pillows and duvet En-suite bathroom...

From €16

Female Shared Rooms

Rooms sizes: 6 beds

For the ladies. Full of hairdryers and other girly goodies: Super soft pillows and duvet En-suite bathroom with...

From €11

Shared Rooms

Rooms sizes: 8 beds | 6 beds

Bunk up and be sociable in our comfortable shared rooms. All come with: Super soft pillows and duvet En-suite...

From €9