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September City Events in Barcelona

While summer lingers in warm Barcelona festivals still pop up across the city, each with its own unique style. The start of autumn also sees the drawing to a close of the season on the water and with a final, stately flourish the city celebrates with the Tall Ships Regatta.

September City Events Barcelona

1. Mare de Dèu de la Mercé, city wide – 20th – 24th September

As you come around a corner in the Gothic Quarter you are confronted by what looks like the fires of Hell with sparks jumping across the road and people shouting and dancing away from the fire. In fact it is a re-imagining of the Devil who is said to roam the area called the “correfoc” or fire run. Dragons are let loose in the Gothic Quarter during the festival of Mare de Deu de la Merce. This is one of the patron saints of Barcelona so the inhabitants feel the need to be more exuberant than usual in their festivities. Every street has its own party with music, dancing and glorious local delicacies. The place to be is the Place de la Merc, for the festival opening, which will be filled with “Castellers” or human castles who compete with each other to see who can get the highest.

2. Hipnotik Festival at CCCB – 14th September

Hipnotik Festival is your best chance in Barcelona to catch up-and-coming hip-hop artists and rap battles amongst the sweaty throngs of the clued in crowd. You might not care who wins the battle of the bands but the music is enough. As well as music you can see some cutting edge street dance in the form of dance offs – these are tense and thrilling with group members taunting and squaring up to their opponents with their dance moves instead of fists. The Hipnotik Festival showcases the top acts with hot and heavy hip hop, raucous rap, inspiring graffiti artists and more.

3. The Brandery at Palau B at Fira Montjuic – 13th – 15th September

Casually sipping your exquisite Manhattan you glance around the hall with the cool detachment of the top brass in fashion. Your nails are the glitteriest of reds and your perfectly made up face shows not a hint of interest in the whole affair. Actually inside you are as excited as a kid in a toy shop after hours to see all the trendiest brands and up to the minute styles on show just for you. The stately models in the catwalk show and the newest lines from the hottest names in Brandtown make the Brandery the place to be if you want inside knowledge about how to look good next season.

4. Barcelona Accio Musical (BAM), various venues – 21st – 23rd September

One final summer musical fling is the Barcelona Music Action festival. All over the city you will come across acts, small and large, of all music genres playing their hearts out for the chance to perform in front of an appreciative audience. With everything from the best folk to the best electronic vibes, going through rock, pop and indie sounds there will be a venue and band to suit your taste. The city will be soaked in sound for three glorious days of music.

5. Lycamobile Mediterranean Tall Ships Regatta at Port Vell – 21st – 24th September

The feel of the breeze in your hair and the wet of salt spray on your face, the sensation of being at one with the ocean can be exhilarating. Barcelona is a city whose history is inextricably bound with the sea and so this year Barcelona will host the Lycamobile Mediterranean Tall Ships Regatta. The Regatta coincides with the festival of Mare de Deu de la Merce; a double celebration of the sea. At Barcelona’s bustling port you will see the start of the Tall Ships Race which takes place in the port of Toulon, France before a racing finish at La Spezia, Italy.

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