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March Barcelona Hostel Events

Saturday DJs night with JJ Bernardo (Siroco, Madrid)

Its our first ever Saturday night in our brand new Barcelona baby and we are starting it with an urban legend – JJ Bernardo from the infamous Siroco in Madrid. Famous for his eclectic sound and artistic mixes covering all sorts of genres, JJ Bernardo will be smashin’ our turntables. Be prepared to dance the night away.

When: Saturday, 23 March, DJ set will start from 23.00 to 02.30

Where: Bar Fiesta Gracia

Its free!!! So who’s coiming?!

JJ Bernardo Siroco

About the DJ – JJ BERNARDO (Siroco, Madrid)

With over 20 years of professional DJ and producer career and over his 5000 live sets accumulated after passing through the major clubs and festivals in Spain and much of Europe. In April 1996, he became a programmer, producer and, of course, the resident DJ of Siroco Club. He is loyal to a club that has always been loyal to the music and is probably the most long time resident DJ to take charge of a booth at a club in Madrid.

From a cabin as eclectic as Siroco has had to adapt to the needs of any audience he has developed all styles sets (techno, house, breakbeat, trance, funk, disco, indi etc. ..)

Currently he combines his role as DJ, both under this alias as others (Benn and Hill, JJDJ, Vicious Kids …), with its musical production project with the band: Vicious Beats.

More info, photos, music downloads, etc at:


Skate BoART by The Sentinel at Work – 21st March until 7th April

We always knew we would open Barcelona with a BANG, but this is absolutely mind-blowing.

From the 21st of March until the 7th April we are presenting no one less than Jordi Ponsa aka The Sentinal at Work in the newly opened entrance hall of Generator Barcelona. Jordi will display a mixture of his inspirational drawings and original illustrations which are thought after skateboard designs.

Check out a little taster of his fantasmorique designs on his Facebook page.

For the ‘real thing’ watch the exhibition in our Barca hostel.

When: Kick off 21st March 8pm, exhibition is free

Where: Entrance hall of the hostel

Who’s going: You and your friends, skaters, artists and the hostel crew

Skateno Art Jordi Ponsa


About the artist – Jordi Ponsa (Barcelona 1978)

Trapped between a comic and the reality

Artistically known as The Sentinel at Work under the name he shows his illustrations and works from different disciplines.

Whether original designs for the skateboarding industry, graphics for T-shirts or posters, he likes to express great deal of impact and contrasts in everything he does and even though the colourful compositions are the mayority, the fact of finding black and white or dark colours does not make his artwork less attractive.

Autodidact by nature he grew up in a time when change was constant, and adapting an essential requirement. This mater has contributed to a fusion of two worlds that do not often go together: the passion for the pen and music by the immediacy of the Internet and digital art.

Comics, skateboarding, music and cinema of the 90s marked a distinctive and personal style, able to face the harsh face of life and being able to smile back.

This passionate artist prints in each of his art pieces a little part of himself, a portion of his life experience.

His work has been exhibited in numerous galleries, both individually and in collective exhibitions.

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