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June City Events in Barcelona

June is a big month in the Barcelona calendar with festivals and music around every corner, the biggest being the mid-summer festival as well as World Music Day around 21st June. But check out some other amazing stuff on in Barcelona this month:

1. Feast of Sant Joan, city wide – 23rd June – 24th June

Want to celebrate the longest day and the start of summer? Head to Barcelona for the Feast of Sant Joan. A little history – also dubbed the “Night of Fire” – the event commemorates the feast of Saint John the Baptist celebrating the solstice. So what can you expect? Each district is likely to have its own celebrations and traditions including the lighting of bonfires and fireworks, and many believe bathing on the night of Saint Joan can be healing, this often ends up as a midnight swim in the sea. The traditional thing to eat is the Coca de Sant Joan; a delicious flat bread topped with sweet treats. If you are looking for something big then you should probably head to the beaches where the largest gathering usually ends up. The following day is a public holiday so the party is likely to last all night and it can be amazing to watch the sunrise over the sea on the beach.

2. Sonar Festival at Fira Montjuïc and Fira Gran Via L’Hospitalet – 13th – 15th June

If you like your music experimental and cutting edge then you will love Sonar. Officially named the festival of Advanced Music and Multimedia Art there is much more to it than music. Uniquely, Sonar has two faces. The Sonar By Day festival which involves more art as well as music with live concerts, DJs, new media art, record fairs, technology demos and Sonar Cinema. Sonar By Night is all about the music with four huge stages playing some of the best and hottest Dj’s and Vj’s as well as bands. The line-up this year is, as usual, stellar and includes the kings of electronic music, Kraftwerk.

3. Pride Barcelona, city wide – 28th – 29th June

Spain is a place known for its tolerance and relaxed attitude so it is no surprise that Pride is a huge celebration in Barcelona. The highlight is the Pride Parade on Saturday evening which travels down Avinguda Parallel to Plaza Espanya and will be a sight worth seeing. Flamboyant floats decorated with rainbow colours, beautifully dressed dancers and performers as well as music and just some amazing people – don’t miss it. Another event not to miss will be the “Drag Race” to decide who will be Miss Drag Pride, the Queen of the Night, on Friday 28th June at The Avenue. This location is the focal point for many of the activities including the Pride Village, the Foam Party and the Final Party on Saturday night.

4. Festa de la Música, city wide – 21st June

Mid-summer’s night has become associated with a “Feast of Music” (or World Music Day) in many countries. The bars, venues and clubs across the whole city will be blasting their best and favourite music out into the air so all you need to do is pick which one you like and enjoy. You can even swap between gigs as the festival is completely free and no tickets are for sale. You are likely to find that much of the music is from young talent or amateurs bands and acts who just love to play, rather than big names on stage.

5. MotoGP 2013 Barcelona at Catalunya Motorcycle Circuit – 14th – 16th June

Now for some two wheeled excitement. If you are a fan of MotoGP then we don’t need to tell you that Spanish rider Marc Marquez is currently joint number one on the leaderboard with his countryman, Jorge Lorenzo (last year’s champion) and Dani Pedrosa, also Spanish, in third. So this race on home turf for these guys will be hotly contested, each wanting to win in front of their own crowd. Plus the season is only just getting going so there is all to play for. The Catalunya circuit is known for being one of the most modern circuits and is also one of the fastest with its long front straight and tight corners. For some screaming, petrol head passion, go and watch the race.

6. Cursa la Maquinista 10k run, city wide – 9th June

What about two feet? The Curse de la Maquinista 10km run around the city is loosely translated as “All Can Run” and the idea of integration of all into sport and running is at the heart of the race. Participants will be young and old, able and disabled, professional and amateur so you can expect a mix of athletes. The circuit is 5km around the city and runners do either one or two laps depending on their strengths. Good places to cheer the runners include the start and finish line by The Mall on Carrer Ciutat d’Asunción, along Carrer Ferran Junoy or as it heads past the little park by Carrer Sant Andria. Why not support a good cause?

7. Smashing Pumpkins at Razzmatazz – 27th June

How about a gig now? The Smashing Pumpkins are no strangers to the pop scene and have been strumming out their own personal brand of alternative rock for more than 15 years. Their music is a mix of heavy guitars with influences of Goth, metal and even a touch of psychedelia. If you remember their huge hits like “Bullet with Butterfly Wings” fondly then you will love their new stuff. The second single from the album “Oceania” is “Panopticon” and is a great rocking tune to listen to. Go and see them for some 90’s rock nostalgia.

8. Matinée Summer Festival 2013 at Illa Fantasia Water Park – 9th June

No better way to cool off in the hot Barcelona summer heat than a dip in the water. Just outside the city is the Illa Fantasia Water Park and this June they are having a huge party and we are all invited. As well as the fantastic slides, pools and water wackiness there will be live music, DJs and 12 hours of festival fun. It is probably a good idea to leave the car at the hostel and take the train and make sure you pack your sunscreen. A good tip is to buy your tickets in advance as you get a discount and some tickets also include a couple of free drinks as well, which is a bonus!

9. Bicep at Sala BeCool Club – 12th June

Let’s finish off with a top club night courtesy of Bicep at Sala BeCool. The production duo behind the famous music blog “Feel my Bicep” are two Irish guys just playing and appreciating some top tunes. They set up the site to share their favourite tracks as they didn’t like the current trend on the web for the serious music lover and they felt there was no room for fun stuff. So if you are looking for a top techno night head to one of the coolest spots in Barcelona.

Photo Source: Everything Barcelona is an independent travel guide for people who would like to spend their vacations in Barcelona and a source of information for those who want to live there.

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