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July Hostel Events in Barcelona

Ladies Night

When: Monday 1st July

All ladies welcome to Fiesta Gracia, to take advantage of the exclusive girl discounts

Yoga Class

When: Tuesday 2nd July 18.00 – 19.30

Yoga – “the stilling of the changing states of the mind”. Enjoy the peace at the Generator Roof Terrace

Cost of class: 5€ + free drink

Fiesta Masks for groups

Lots of fun at Fiesta Gracia, wear your mask and get a surprise, enjoy the music and meet fellow travellers and locals

Pilates Class

When: Wednesday 3rd July 18.00 – 19.30

Pilates – “physical fitness system”. Enjoy peaceful fitness at our roof terrace

Cost of class: 5€ + free drink

Opening Art Exhibition

When: Opening – Thursday 4th July

Several artists  from different disciplines at Taller 46 will be exhibiting their work at Generator Barcelona.

Opening party with DJ Lola von DJ on 4th July from 21.00. The exhibition  be sponsored by Jagermaister, so expect a refreshing drink on arrival during the opening bash and once in the hostel from 21.00 we will offer a free tapa with every drink.

Free Entrance for all.

7 artists: Joan Barberá, Jordi Ponsa, Julia Diericky, Nuria Guinovart, Om Barberá, Josep Maria Poch, Arcangel Soul. Check out the Taller 46 Artist biographies.

Yummy Events

Get your free drink when buying nachos, and free tapa with a drink

Harley Days

When: Friday 5th – Saturday 6th July

This summer Barcelona will host bikers, tourists, amateurs and enthusiasts who want to be a part of these three legendary days with the best motorbikes, activities and unbeatable atmosphere that reigns during this big event organized by the American brand. Harley Days is a motorcycle fair in Barcelona that takes place from the 5th to the 7th of July, and Generator Barcelona are getting involved to share with our guests this great celebration of Harley Davidson and the biker cult.

Check out more information here:

Find our splendid Harley Davidson motorcycle send us some photos. Don’t forget to share the love on Facebook and Instagram.

Fiesta Gracia Music

When: Sunday 7th July

Generator Indie Party

When: 27th July from 10.00pm

Hello party people we’ve got a treat in store for you. At our Generator Indie night this July we have a speacial appearence from guest DJ Nacho Ruiz plus regulars of ours Pin&Pon DJ’s. I don’t know if you’ve heard but they are kind of a big deal? 

Barcelona Generator Event

Guest dj: Nacho Ruiz DJ

For Nacho Ruiz, all of the music we listen to influences us even though we aren’t conscious of the magnitude of its footprint. And he has listened to it all: from funk to hip-hop, italo disco to house and even eurobeat. But, more than anything else, Nacho has listened to pop, the reining genre of his sessions.

Nacho’s calling came when he was very young. When he was only 10 years old he was at the decks doing what was then seen as a hobby, but as time went on, and after djing parties and even a few years on the radio, it became his way of life and he can’t imagine doing anything different in the future.

He considers himself a staunch defender of Spanish pop which he says is alive and well. He is convinced that music always brings back elements and fads from the past which is why in his sessions, even though they’re always up to date, he never misses playing a classic track. The most important thing for him is to feel comfortable djing, and above all else that his sessions are always in crescendo, never committing the sin of falling flat.

Pin&Pon djs

These guys have recently een considered one of the top rate DJ combos and have won the title of Best National DJ by prestigious music mag Rockdelux. Pin&Pon DJ’s explore in each of their sessions their extensive knowledge of the latest music, without forgetting to also give free rein to the classics, those tunes that have been with us for years and have become indispensable on the crazy nights in Spain. They have played in festivals such as the Festival Internacional de Benicàssim, Sonorama, South Pop Sevilla and Isla Cristina, SOS 4.8 in Murcia, etc but tonight they’ll be playing for you! 

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