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August City Events in Barcelona

A perfect way to get some local flavour, and get to know some of the residents of this huge cosmopolitan city, is to experience some of the unique and glorious little street festivals. It’ll feel like the whole city is having a party this August! See what else we think you will like:

Barcelona festival

1. High Diving Barcelona 2013 – Finals, Various Venues – 29th July – 31st August

We all remember the excitement of watching Tom Daly do his stuff on the high board at London’s 2012 Olympics. Well, if you are in Barcelona this month you can relive that excitement with the High Diving Finals. In fact High Diving is even scarier as the divers are jumping from a platform 27 metres above the water. These guys are incredibly fit and if you hit the water even slightly wrong it could be broken bones or worse! So if you are looking for some high adrenalin action this is it.

2. Festa Major de Gracia in Gracia – 15th – 21st August

Festival time now and it’s right on our doorstep. Monday 15th August is a public holiday in Barcelona and the start of the Festa de Gracia. The Gracia area is one of the oldest in the city and has been celebrating the festival for almost 200 years. You can expect the festival to be a relaxed affair as the area is full of bohemian, arty types, although there is a friendly rivalry between streets to put on the most lavish decorations. The best bit is it is completely free. Luckily Generator is right in the middle of the Gracia area so you can’t miss it.

3. Open Air Cinema (Gandules) at CCCB – 6th – 22nd August

If you are looking for some arty culture then the Open Air Cinema at the Centre de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona (CCCB) is for you. The films are very contemporary and often dark so you will need to be awake and have at least half your brain cells working to appreciate them. It is probably not a good idea to rock up after too long at the pub! But there is nothing stopping you heading to a bar afterwards to discuss the deep and meaningful plot. One of the highlights of last year’s programme was “The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye”; a sad and romantic film about love and plastic surgery.

4. Mas i Mas, city wide – 26th July – 11th September

Barcelona is a city that loves music in all its forms so it is no surprise to discover Mas i Mas. This is a two month festival of just that. With concerts in tiny, back street clubs all the way up to huge auditoriums, and of everything from jazz and classical to techno and rock, there will be something to suit you. We like the look of the opening concert by Imany and Sara Pi, two new voices that are seducing the current pop scene. Also good is Sun Ra Arkestra; a spiritual group that mixes history and cabalism with contemporary jazz and music.

5. Festa de Sant Roc, Barri Gotic – 12th – 16th August

A trip to Barcelona is not complete without a wander around the Barri Gotic and this summer there is no excuse to miss out with the Festa de Sant Roc. The medieval walls in this, the oldest part of the city, make you feel like you are literally walking through the past. The street festival here is the oldest in Barcelona dating from around 1590. The focus of the festivities is the Plaça Nova by Barcelona Cathedral. There will be processions, street performers, food and craft stalls plus music stages and dancing. All these activities haven’t really changed since the festival started. So if you are looking for some fun mixed in with a little history then head to the Gothic Quarter this August.

6. Festa Major de Sants, Sants-Montjuïc – 23rd – 30th August

The best things come in threes and here is another festival to prove it. Although not as old or historic as the Gracia and Roc festivals, the Sants-Montjuïc still put on a grand show to honour the feast of St Bartholomew. One sight not to miss is the walking human towers that are a common feature of all the festivals. You can even join in if you are feeling adventurous and are not scared of heights, although the top few tiers are usually reserved for children for obvious reasons. Again the idea is that each street competes with its neighbours to achieve the pinnacle of decoration. One to look out for is the main street Carrer d’Alcolea.

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