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Our Guide to Primavera Sound Festival Barcelona

Primavera Sound is a must for festival goers and Barcelona is a top venue with its warm weather and welcoming atmosphere. The six stages and festival doings are right at the edge of the beach which makes it even better, none of your acres of knee high mud and grass!

So what’s it all about? The best music in the world from huge international stars to local and new bands. Here are our favourite picks from the extensive line-up:


No introduction needed really. Amazing hits like “Country House”, “Coffee and TV” and, lately, “Under The Westway” have made the band the icons of the indie pop scene that they are. Although they split in 2003 they tentatively reformed last year and did a stunning gig at the closing ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics. If you never got to see them in their previous incarnation then this is the ideal opportunity to get your Blur fix.

My Bloody Valentine

For a rock sound, try this Dublin born band who have been rocking for 20 years. They’re another band that had early success and have just come back from a long hiatus, well that’s what they are saying. If you remember their hits like “You Made Me Realise” or “Only Shallow” you will love this one.

Party Crowd

The Vaccines

We love this lot. They are one of those bands who are relatively new but seem to have been around forever. Their first album “What Did You Expect From The Vaccines?” was the best selling album of 2011 and the song that flung them into the limelight “If You Wanna” is a definite toe tapper. More recently you will know “Bad Mood” off the new album “Coming of Age”. If you are into heavy, angry drums, twinned with raspy guitars and vaguely dark lyrics, then go and see them.


If you know anything about German house music then you will know that this is the stage name of Sascha Ring. If you have been to any clubs in Berlin then you are likely to have heard some of his music like “Black Water” or “Candil de la Calle”. For your clubbing fix then head to his set at Parc del Fòrum on Saturday.

Los Planetas

Now for some local talent, Los Planetas are a Spanish indie group who have been around for years. You may have heard their last single “No sé cómo te atreves” a beautifully played ballad or “Soy un pobre granaíno” a more upbeat song. So if you fancy a taste of what is in the Spanish charts then go and see these guys.

DJ Coco

Another local act to go and see is DJ Coco. Resident for years at the Nitsa night club in Barcelona, he has built up a reputation for excellence and for knowing a good tune. DJ Coco says he loves all kinds of music and happily mixes soul, indie, hardcore and punk.

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