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5 Ways To Get your Seafood Fix In Barcelona

Barcelona is, apart from a centre of history, culture, art and music, home to some of the best seafood in Europe. Whether it’s a filling paella you’re after or cracking some crab then Barcelona will more than satisfy your seafood craving.

Of course, we know that it’s sometimes a little hard to pick a place to eat when you first arrive in a city. With this in mind we’ve put together five ways to get your seafood fix in Barcelona.

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1. See Food Eat Food at La Paradeta, Various Locations

La Paradeta is a chain of seafood restaurants in the city – but don’t worry this isn’t a McFishfinger outfit! A fresh seafood counter greets you as you enter and it’s up to you to pick what you want, how you want it cooked, pay and wait for your number to be called. It’s a relaxed atmosphere loved by locals and travellers alike and offers a little insight into the way modern Barcelona residents treat casual dining. The closest La Paradeta to the Generator Barcelona hostel is probably the one nearby to La Sagrada Famila – a perfect lunch-stop after all those steps!

2. Weeknight Nibbles at Quimet & Quimet, C/Poeta Cabanas 25

Simple and delicious seafood, tapas and preserved fish can be found at this, often packed, casual bar. The food is simple and on display before it gets cooked. A warning to those who want to sit and relax after a hard day’s trekking around the city – this isn’t the place for you! It’s standing room only with a few cocktail tables to squeeze around. Be prepared to make friends in this gem found off the beaten track.

3. Celebrate with Clams at Cerveceria Catalana, Carrer de Mallorca

Cervenceria Catalana is one of the most relaxing restaurants to spend the evening – assuming you can get a reservation – failing that you’ll just have to squeeze in at the bar with the locals. The restaurant offers all sorts of beautifully prepared fish and seafood tapas – make sure you try the razor clams, which many suggest are some of the best in town.

4. Eat Til You Pop at Passadis Del Pep, Pla de Palau

This is one to save for celebrations, but don’t let the run-down exterior fool you the fresh fish is an experience in itself. There’s no menu you’ll get a choice of what the fishermen have caught that day. And when they say “all you can eat” they mean it. While it’s expensive (it can be 80 Euros per head) there’s a free bottle of Cava thrown in.

5. Eat with the Locals at Montalban Casa José, Margarit 31

This tiny, unimpressive looking restaurant with only a few tables punches well above its weight in terms of fresh, fun and tasty seafood. This is a great place to come with a few friends to savour the flavour of the local culture while tucking in to some great fish and seafood.

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