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Best Club Nights In Barcelona

It’s easy to see why Barcelona is one of Europe’s biggest party cities – great clubs open late, a beach and warm sea air make for a great mix of heady, hectic parties followed by early mornings coming down on the beach (or probably at a coffee shop first, if you’re anything like us).

But how do you find the best party in Barcelona? You could try following the crowds – but no one wants to do that really, so here’ our guide to the best club nights in Barcelona:


While the majority of the Barcelona club scene can be found nearby, this is one of our favourites – an old faithful if you will. The club is set back from Avenida Diagonal and offers an electronic-music charged downstairs (with a hilarious revolving dance-floor) and indie rock available in the bar upstairs.


Moog is a place to make friends – because frankly, you can’t be this close to other party-goers for this long without finding some new buddies! Moog is tiny, packed and brimming with techno and house enthusiasts. It pulls huge names into a tiny space.


Razzmatazz is one of the biggest clubs in Barcelona with a massive selection of DJ sets and gigs. With several venues all bundled together – most importantly Razzclub and The Loft – there’s always something on. Those looking to jack in to something electronic are best sticking to The Loft – although it is said that every visit involves getting lost at least once! A word of warning however, this is probably the hottest club in Barcelona, so booking your tickets online is really a must unless you want to spend the majority of your evening waiting in line.


One of the best places for cocktails with a ton of great acts on all the time – if you wanted to pick up the best new hip-hop and R&B from the decks of some of the best DJ’s and producers. As well as a good cocktail BIKINI provides a superb set of theme nights with everything from Champagne nights to Las Vegas Parties.

Sidecar Factory Club

If you like your indie underground, literally, then Sidecar is the rock-club for you. Covering a vast variety of guitar wielding rock n rollers there’s plenty to catch during any given week. Of course, when there’s no band to be strutting the stage then there is a DJ packing out the dance-floor with fresh eclectic mixes.

Sala Apolo

This is one of the big names in the club scene in Barcelona. They have a jam packed schedule of top bands as well as little known acts just starting out. Another gig with several rooms each themed differently so you can find something to suit your mood and something on almost every night. Set just off Avinguda del Parallel and only a short walk from La Rambla it is really easy to get to and you are likely to find a whole bunch of taxis waiting buy the curb when you come out as they know this is where the action is. If you are of the never-stop-dancing crowd then you will love the Nasty Mondays and Crappy Tuesdays party nights.

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