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When it comes to Barcelona accommodation then look no further than my four walls. Although I was originally built in 1963, I’m looking great, I think you will agree. My new life as a hostel and hotel has given me the power to be the best in Barcelona. A bold statement my friend but one I feel I fulfil without a doubt. I’m located slap bang in the middle of the two main Metro stations of Diagonal and Verdaguer and from there I’m as little as 15 minutes away from la playa. Bring on the beach.

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When is a hostel in Barcelona not a hostel? When it’s a hotel. I’m the best of both worlds. You see I’m a hotel and hostel. How is that possible I hear you say? Easy, it’s all about hospitality and that’s the game I’m in. I’m Generator Hostel in Barcelona, and I’m much, much, much more than a hostel, I’m a hotel too.

Wi-Fi on the Fly

It’s free and fast when your using your own device. It’s on offer throughout most of the hostel and hotel in Barcelona. Who says there’s no surfing in the city?

Fiesta Gracia Bar

Manhattans and Mojito’s in Barca don’t come any better than mine. See you at the Fiesta Gracia Bar from 8am-2am everyday. Although, everyday is probably a bit much.

Lounge Lizards

The adventure starts here in our Barcelona hostel, even when you’re lounging around. Open all day, everyday. Make new friends; meet old friends… pretty much do what you like…. It’s a lounge people.

Breakfasts. Go all Continental

The most important meal of the day, the Generator way. When going continental, eat continental. For a small charge, try the breakfast at the La Place café from 7am to 10am. Add some extra rise and shine to your day in Generator Hostel Barcelona.

Tapas on Tap

You’re in a delightful hostel and hotel in Barcelona, so why not go local loco. The evening food of choice around these parts is tapas. Plenty of small snacks soon add up to a great meal and best of all you get to pick and choose what you prefer.

Munchie Machine

So you’ve gone nocturnal, partied the night away and now have the midnight munchies. Well fear not there’s a host of vending machines in our hostel in Barcelona to serve everything you could ever want at 3am (Also munchable at all other times).

The New Generation of Rooms and Beds

Private twins and dorms are all available at fantastic Generator rates at the hostel in Barcelona. They are all en-suite. But there’s also hotel rooms too if you really want to be the King or Queen of Catalyuna.

Luxury Suites in Barcelona

Suites you sir… or madam as the case may be. You’ve heard of A class, well now there’s a new kid on the block… G class. As hostels in Europe go this is on another planet. The best of the very best in hostel rooms in Barcelona. Great views, outlandish interiors and best of all it’s G class baby all the way.

Power Shower Rooms in Barcelona

Private showers with unbelievable powers are available on every floor in the Barcelona hostel , so there’s no excuse for not blowing away the cobwebs the morning after the night before even if your mates are hogging the en-suite.

Re-Generate 24 Hour Laundry

Looking sharp is what you’re all about. It’s a 24/7 business. Good job that the laundry room is open for you to wash and dry yourself into a suitably fashionable state 24/7 too then.

24 Hour Reception

Help is at hand with the 24-hour reception. There’s always a very helpful person around to let you in to the Hostel in Barcelona, keep you safe, offer directions or best of all tell you the secrets of the city.

Luggage Rack

Safe and sound. That’s the best place for your luggage. So we lock it up in a little room (it’s actually bigger than you’d think) where only you can get access to it.

Travel Shop

The world is your oyster. From planning your way around Barcelona to the next step on your world tour, there’s a lot of help at hand in this little gem of Generator.

Generator Barcelona Hotel official register number: HB-004525

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