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Graffiti for Kids

When you hear the words “kids” and “graffiti” in the same sentence, we wouldn’t blame you for thinking of Crayola tainted corridors and marker streaked carpets. However the last five weeks have proven that with a little direction, positive reinforcement and plenty of practice a group of thirty primary school kids can exceed all expectations. This group of ten year olds have created a piece of work that even the most esteemed graffiti artists on the Dublin scene would proudly stand behind.

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The key to this project was ‘direction’, and Generator Dublin didn’t have to look far. Local graffiti artist Kevin Robert lives only a stone throw away from the hostel and was a perfect fit. The idea for this project stemmed from three bare picnic tables and a pool table cover that looked a bit sad and lonely with nothing to show but a few odd scribbles from a bored backpacker. Instead of hiring a marketing company or commissioning an artist we took a different approach. Generator is only a five minute walk from the Dublin Seven Educate Together primary school, who have a reputation for having a more progressive approach to education. They were an obvious choice and from the first whisper of this project they got right behind it.

Graffiti Blog

For five weeks the children worked with Kevin on both projects for three hours every Friday morning. They were split up into sub groups in order for them to get the maximum benefit learning from Kevin’s years experience. While some kids were getting creative on our picnic tables others watched documentaries on graffiti in our in house cinema and brainstormed ideas with teacher Wesley. This project has enabled us to give back to the community, whilst also endorsing local talent and improving our venue. We advertise ourselves as being culturally connected and this project shows that we can walk the walk. Who knows we could even have a future Banksy in our midst, if their work is anything to go by then it’s definitely a possibility.

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