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WILBCN – Finalist Pieces, Part 2

Here is now part 2 of the finalist pieces of  the ‘Why I love Barcelona’ (WILBCN) art competition. I was pretty chuffed to see how much talent is out there and what a muse a city like Barcelona can be!

To get an inspiring taster* scroll down, additional artists’ masterpieces are featured in Part 1 of #WILBCN.

From the 26th April, all the finalist will shine on my Facebook cover picture, so share the talent by tweeting or liking it. The next milestone will then be the 14th May,when I will showcase all the artist pieces in the Barcelona hostel.  Join me for a  joyous, exciting and mischievous celebration of talent, art and what lies in between…..



Muzai Brasil

Where you are from, what/where did you study? What do you do for a living?

Muzai, 45 years old, graduated from Federal University Uberlândia(MG)-Brazil, works with ilustration, urban art and photography.

How long have you been producing art?

Since 1995

What’s the place in the world you would most like to visit before you die?


Your hero calls you one day and allows you to ask them one question – who is your hero and what would the question be?

I don´t have heroes.

Complete this sentence – Life is amazing.

What inspired you most to pursue an artistic direction?

My grandfather.

Is there an underlying message to your art? Are you attempting to communicate something?

I seek to rescue the childish side of man. In my universe, playful elements predominate, fanciful, lyrical and children placed in an atmosphere of serenity. Your search trace a less flowery, with a more direct language, but loaded with small subtleties. In my drawings, I seek the development of new textures, mixing drawing and digital manipulation.

Muzai Blog 2


Neus Lozano

Neus Lozano Blog 1

Nombre, edad, de donde eres, que/ donde estudiaste? Que haces para vivir?

Neus Lozano, 29, Barcelona, estudie Ilustración en Escola superior de disseny i art Llotja, Barcelona.

Completa la siguiente frase: La vida es para vivirla.

Cual es tu tema preferido y por que?

Siempre ilustro personajes, también niños, la infancia y los recuerdos son temas que me encantan.

Hay algún mensaje en tu arte? Intentas comunicar algo?

Bueno siempre se comunica algo, yo solo pretendo que mis ilustraciones no sean indiferentes que provoquen algún sentimiento, ternura, alegría, nostalgia…

 neuslozano Blog 2

neuslozano Blog 3


Pavle Masterart

 Pavle Masterart

Pavle Masterart


Pedro Veloso

Pedro Veloso Blog 1

Pedro Miguel Moreira Veloso, Vila Franca de Xira, Portugal, studied traditional animation in Lisbon, freelance.

What inspired you most to pursue an artistic direction?

The fact that while creating you forget all around and the hours fly by, and also the feeling of satisfaction when you finish a piece.

In your own words, how would you describe your style?

I would describe it as something mysteriously funny.

Is there an underlying message to your art? Are you attempting to communicate something?

I don’t try to communicate anything in particular, I let the viewer take his or her own conclusions, each viewer has a different perspective.

 Pedro Veloso Blog 2


Ramon Conde Corbal Varela

 Ramon Blog

Ramón Conde-Corbal Varela a.k.a. Mon Devane. 27 años. Ourense (Galicia, España). He estudiado Artes Plásticas y Diseño en la rama de Ilustración y un grado de Diseño Gráfico. Trabajo como freelance, realizando murales para empresas y particulares y como diseñador gráfico para empresas y particulares también.

Your hero calls you one day and allows you to ask them one question – who is your hero and what would the question be?

Una de las personas que más “idolatro” es Ghandi, y quizá le preguntaría como llegar a ser tan coherente sin perder la cabeza en el intento.

Complete this sentence: Life is La vida es lo que te pasa mientras intentas llegar a algo, un camino en el que importa más el viaje que el punto de llegada.

In your own words, how would you describe your style?

Estilo realista con tendencia popular o pop-art que trata de captar la atención del espectador.



Raul Villaba

Raul Blog

Argentino, nacido en Buenos Aires. Autodidacta.

Empezó a incursionar en el mundo de la fotografía a la edad de 17 años, y de ahí en mas no se aparto jamás de ese camino que él decidió recorrer, volcando en el mismo todo su caudal creativo, que con el tiempo se transformo en uno de los fotógrafos creativos más reconocidos tanto nacional como internacionalmente. Paso por todas las ramas de la fotografía, ya sea trabajando como fotógrafo publicitario, retratista, ilustrador fotográfico creativo para portadas de libros, discos, cuentos, poesías, de numerosas e importantes editoriales de nuestro país.


Trato de mostrar a través de mis imágenes el mundo de los sueños, de la magia, de lo onírico, de lo místico y todos esos mundos de la fantasía que tengo dentro de mí, que nacen y renacen a cada instante, y así poder regalárselos a los espectadores de mis fotografías, que tal vez sean, el mundo interior de cada uno de ellos.

 Raul Villaba Blog 2


Sonia Ferre

Sonia Ferre Blog 1

Sònia Ferré, 24, Aiguaviva (Tarragona), Arts & design

I’m working as a model and waitress, but I hope to work as an artist in a near future.

Complete this sentence: Life is COLOUR

What inspired you most to pursue an artistic direction?

I think that I born with that.

What is your preferred subject and why?

Theory of the perception of colour and form, because it is very useful for my way of working and to capture the attention of the viewer.

Yes, of course. Art is a means of expression. What I want is to help each viewer, giving him a moment’s pleasure, meditation, bring your imagination to the limit, and this will serve to other aspects of their lives.

Artistically, something you have never tried but always wanted to?

A short film, based in abstract art, experimenting with painting and music together and a very strong connection.

How does Barcelona inspire you?

Barcelona is home to all cultures, human warmth, and colour, colour of so the Mediterranean Sea and the mountains of Montjuïc or Collserola make our special, magical light. Great artists like Miró and Gaudí flow between the ideas of young artists in the city. Including food, wonderful Mediterranean diet! gives us the explosion of colour that makes us unique.

Sonia Ferre Blog

Sonia Ferre Blog


Want to see our other finalists’ masterpieces? Check out ‘Why I love Barcelona’ – Finalist pieces part 1.

*Featured artwork and artist quotes are an extract of submitted final pieces and interview questions. In some cases the submitted artwork had to be altered to fit website requirements.



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