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‘Why I Love Barcelona’ Art Campaign Finalists Part 2

And here is the final batch of our Barcelona art campaign shortlist…

So much talent out there…we were honoured!  

Tell us which design, artwork sample and street art design is your favourite. Share your ideas on Twitter #LoveBCN or on our Facebook page!

Thanks again to you all, and stay tuned to find out about the next stage of the competition where 20 artists will be producing a unique piece of art in the theme ‘Why I love Barcelona’, which is being exhibited at the opening event of Generator Barcelona. Two out of the twenty art pieces will be chosen to be displayed as a permanent mural within public areas of the hostel.

Below shows our next 10 finalist sample work along with an artist concept statement. Want to view more? Check out Part 1 of the finalist sample work.

Pedro Veloso/ Barcelona

I am developing my own style based on my experiences,, creating alternative worlds and characters., I try as much as possible to pull the most of the inspiration out of my head, I believe that is the best way to create something unique.

Pedro Veloso

Pedro Veloso

Doeke van Nuil/ Netherlands

Do I love Barcelona? Yes I do! If I hade all the money I would pack my bags right now and take a plane. The first time I visit Barcelona was in 2009, I was visiting friends. Short time after, I decided Barcelona would be the perfect place for an Erasmus! (Exchange program) In 2010 I went to Barcelona for 6 months to live, go to school (Art school Escola Massana- direction Illustration) and have fun. And fun it was. In those 6 months I discovered a lot about Barcelona and its people. I love the food (God, do I miss does tapas!) and off course the weather.

My concept for this project will be this: I will draw my favourite memories and moments from the times a was on Barcelona. Everything is possible: People on the beach, Moghito’s, food, people having fun, cycling next to the beach. In the attachment I will show you an illustration I made some time ago. It’s the way I picture my wall: A big green circle with a lot of drawings in black about Barcelona. With this plan I will make a wall where people can look at for a long time: there’s is so much to see and discover, I think it will look great on a wall. With its colours is not to much: Just one bright colour (I like mint-green) and black. Simple, cool but super awesome!

Doeke van Nuil

Eduardo Pagan/ New York

“Expresionismo abstracto de colores caribeños inpirado en paisajes urbanos .”(Artist concept statement)

Eduardo Pagan

Anton Garcia Seoane/ Barcelona

“Antón Seoane a.k.a. Roke esta caracterizado por ser un escritor de graffiti polifacético que realiza todo tipo de creaciones: Bombing, Murales (tanto letras como personajes), Street Art, etc. Alternando uno u otro según temporadas. También realiza ilustraciones, fotografías y diseño gráfico.
Hace más de 5 años se inicia en el tatuaje, influenciando al resto de sus creaciones con la estética de esta disciplina, basándose en temáticas como la vida, la muerte, el amor, el odio, etc. Su icono es una calavera basada en el cine de animación y la estética mejicana. Bajo el sello de “Skull is cool!”, la repite hasta la saciedad en sus creaciones.

Antón Seoane a.k.a. Roke is a multidisciplinary graffiti writer. He does Throw ups, Walls (letters and characters), Street Art, etc. He does illustration, photography and graphic design also.
He is tattoo artist since five years ago, influencing the rest of his creations with the aesthetics of this discipline, based on themes such as life, death, love, hate, etc. Its label is a skull inspired by animation movies and Mexican culture. Whit the “Skull is cool!” slogan, Roke repeats this label in their creations endlessly.” (Artist concept statement)

Anton Garcia Seoane 

Elisa Battiston/ Barcelona

“The Secle’s idea
Take a bit of street art and mix with childhood illustration.
Put some pieces of paper ,lots of smiles, fantasy and freshness. Shake it all and server in a plan surface.
P.S. Let it move on to maintain its essence. :)
Specializing in clouds and spinning tops.” (Artist concept statement)

Elisa Battiston

Ramón Conde-Corbal Varela/ Ourense

“Realistic spray artowrk. Popular portraits.” (Artist concept statement)

Ramon Conde-Corbal Varela

Rafael Paulino/ Valencia

No artist statement currently available.

Rafael Paulino

Michaela Xydi/ Barcelona

“My photo’s style is conceptual. You’ll have the opportunity to have a look at my web which is mainly a personal photography page, much rather preferred then using uploads on friendly social networks.
This is underlined by the fact I’ve included portraits of friends, who probably to my eyes would appear more beautiful because it was shared through that proper moment.
It is not a commercial vehicle, but a more personal way to understand my points of view and myself on a much deeper level.” (Artist concept statement)

Michaela Xydi

Michaela Xydi  

Pavle Cvijovic/ Belgrade

“Destroyer, creator, anarchistic expressive and realistic… I’m presenting the realism of life, brutality of reality and beauty in our self. I`m interested in all kind of urban art, so I’m doing murals, letters, posters and stencils, depend in what kind of mood I am… but everything of it, is me, my roots and imagination … I think that i put in my style half Byzantine and half Mexican culture…spiritual as Orthodox and huge like Mexican socialism art…
I hope you will like it…” (Artist concept statement)

Pavle Cvijovic

Muzai/ Brazil

“My art is based on characters with elements of fantasy and children. I work with digital illustration and graffiti’s.” (Artist concept statement)




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Generator ‘Why I Love Barcelona’ Art Campaign Finalists Part 2

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