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Who is Your Top Celebrity Roommate?

In a desperate bid to ensure there was at least one topic of conversation over the coming week that doesn’t involve the ‘Christmas’ word, we went out to find out more about what we look for in a roommate.

It turns out that, despite the morning sickness and crazy Vegas antics, Kate Middleton and Prince Harry topped our poll as the celebrities most travellers would like to share a hostel room with on a city break. And with nearly half (43%) of all Brits surveyed saying they’d be happy to bunk in with either of the young royals, Buckingham Palace will surely be delighted to have been given this royal seal of approval from the public.

Celeb Roommate

It also seems that men still dream of their own Bond moment, with Daniel Craig coming second in the poll (20%) for the guys’ choice of who to share a city break with. Meanwhile, Holly Willoughby’s sunny nature shone through with one in three (30%) women choosing the TV presenter as the perfect person to brighten up a female dorm. Unsurprisingly perhaps, the thought of sharing with Katie Price seems to send most women packing with nearly half (46%) of female travellers saying they’d dread having to share a room with the former model.

Generator hostel research findings also revealed that;

  • It’s a case of laughter over looks as having a sense of humour was listed as the trait most looked for in a roomie. One in five (20%) people would choose to share with someone who could make them laugh, compared to less than one in ten (8%) who would prefer someone they found easy on the eye
  • Despite the stereotype of Brits being somewhat reserved, one in four (23%) travellers admit that the worst thing for them would be discovering that their new companion is a social recluse
  • Young travellers are most keen to learn the language of love, with one in three (32%) claiming Italians are the dream nationality to share a room with

However, one thing that’s clear is that socialising is front of mind amongst our guests, with one in three (37%) of those polled saying they choose to stay in a hostel over other accommodation to have the chance to make like-minded friends.

Whilst the Generator team has spotted an increasing demand from women snapping up our same-sex dorms over the last few years, it seems the survey may have picked up on why this might be. One in five (20%) women picked tidiness as the roommate’s ideal trait compared to nearly one in ten (12%) of men, implying being tidy should perhaps top men’s new year’s resolutions list.

If nothing else, we can probably safely conclude that the fairer sex may want a break from tiptoeing over men’s dirty clothes during their holidays. Men – be warned…

Who is your dream person to share a hostel room with? Let us know on Twitter.



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