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When Jack & Jones Came to Play

As the racks of clothing rolled in and the fresh faced guys began to show up from all over Europe, we could see this day was going to be a good one. All the different shirts and new pairs of trousers, some not yet finished with different tags from up and coming designers sat nicely within the different areas. They had cleverly set up a fashion playground for these guys with so much to see and do… it was like a sensory overload.

Jack and Jones Afterparty at generator Copenhagen

Twenty one guys were flown in from all over Europe to help test, talk about and discover the newly unseen 2014 J&J collection. They all had their own sense of style and opinions and were eager to get started and get their hands on never before seen merchandise. Hats, scarves, belts, shoes, jackets, button downs….you name it, they wanted people to try it.

Stations set up all over Generator to help get these guys stuck in throughout the day. If it wasn’t a confession booth, it was a computer station for online shopping, or a make shift clothing room where you could have a field day trying on the different pieces. It was enough to keep them busy and entertained for hours! What was really brilliant and entertaining to see was that even though the workshop participants and the J&J employees had never met before and didn’t have a history, it was still almost like bringing together a bunch of old friends who hadn’t seen each other in a while but who could sit around, shoot pool, talk fashion and art and make new memories.

Jack and Jones Afterparty at Generator Copenhagen

We’re all come from different backgrounds, have different histories, but what makes us tick is the same and we all value the same things: New adventures, new experiences, meeting new people, and creating memories along this journey called life. This day was no exception.

Jack and Jones Afterparty at Generator Copenhagen

After a long day of questions, cameras, computers and clothing, the groups were picked up in rickshaw taxis and taken through the cobblestone streets to the delicious Mother Pizzeria in the meat packing district. They couldn’t get enough of Generator so they came back shortly after dinner for a whole night of fun. These boys knew exactly how to have a good time! It all began with some chilled out tunes and games of fossball but it quickly turned into beer pong and a hella lot of dancing. 

Jack and Jones Afterparty at Generator Copenhagen

The party lasted until 2am, when the guys set out to discover late night life around the hostel. For many of them it was the first time in Copenhagen but if the smiles and laughs were any indication in the matter, it definitely won’t be their last!

Photography by Polina Vinogradova (



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Generator When Jack & Jones Came to Play

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