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Generator Venice Opening Party -Take us Back

Generator Venice sits on the edge of the main canal, sparkling in the sunlight as you approach. The interiors resemble a Venetian living room, a happening backpacker pad, oozing cool. You recline in velvet arm chairs, breakfast on banquet wooden tables, prosecco at the bar or chill along the waterfront.   

 Boats glided gracefully through the water towards the lights which gleamed in the distance. People peered curiously over the edge trying to get the first look at what was to come. As they grew closer the blurred views came into focus and Generator Venice came into sight. LED light installations with pinks, greens and blues burst out of every window. The hostel was ready for a party like Venice had never seen before.Venice Hostel opening Party

We wanted to bring something fresh so we found out one of our favourite labels, Kitsuné, had never done a party in Venice and that was it. First Kitsuné Club Night in Venice at the Generator. Done.

The sun started to set and first of the party goers began to rock up. Guests from all over were streaming in, approaching voices floated through the night chattering in excitement. Candles flickered in the light breeze at the hostel’s doors as people were ticked off the guest-list. The crowd were immaculately dressed, suited and booted for this exclusive event. Italian smooth, French chic, London dappers, US Sophisticats, DJ’s, bloggers, journalists and the list goes on. Everyone was there in the moment, inspired, the vibe was just right! 

Venice Hostel Opening Event September

Walking into the party, guests were greeted with the jaw-dropping hostel interior. Plush red velvet arm chairs, vintage brown trunks, a marbled floor and dark mahogany bar sweeping across the lobby. It wasn’t just the main room which looked the part. Up one set of stairs, lights react to your every move, flashing at your feet as you move onto each step. Carry on along the corridor illuminated with neon blues, greens and pinks ever changing as you passed them by. Arrive at the end and you’re greeted by a projector screen, for what purpose you have yet to discover. Move nearer and it becomes clear as your body casts shapes and shadows onto the wall. Hours of entertainment but now is not the right time. There’s a party to be had. Walking back into the main room and you hear the music.

Venice Hostel Opening Party Event

We haven’t even scratched upon the music. We knew it would be great, being sponsored by record label Kitsuné and all, but this was something else.  First up DJ Jerry Bouthier tickled the crowd pink. The cheeky Frenchman played the prefect mix of electro, trilby and all. Lorcan Mak took over the reigns and transported us into a world of his electro/ techno beats. DJ Gildas on and his trademark tunes came through in flying colours. Disclosure, Azelia banks and more, all remixed into hard beats. Finally our king of electro His Majesty Andre. The dance floor was rammed, the atmosphere was electric, people couldn’t tear themselves away.

Time to refuel. Sponsored by Red Bull, the bar had the drinks menu down to a tee. Tasty Italian inspired concoctions with red bull aperol spritzs, campari and of course, prosecco was flowing. The barmen were delightful. Never seen without a smile on their face. They crushed lime, poured spirits, juggled lemons and entertained with their infectious demeanour. Pass by the bubbling bar and a banquet awaits. A long table full of Prosciutto, freshly baked bread, warm vegetable tartlets, gourmet sandwiches, local cheeses. To top if off a giant Italian ham was pride of place at the top of the table, his carver, a quintessentially Italian chef, handle bar moustache and all. 

Venice Hostel opening Party

With a full belly and a new drink there was nothing left but to return to the talented His Majesty Andre who’d gone B2B with Lorcan Mak. There was only one place to be and one thing left to do. Dance Dance Dance on the floor for the final countdown. Bodies moving, the electro stepped it up a notch and the crowd was lapping it up. The atmosphere was electric and unstoppable. People had moved their dancing onto the bar to make room. Let it never end. But all to quickly the lights were on, the music had stopped. We blinked slowly hoping it was a mistake. How did 2am come round so quickly? This can’t be it. An attempted chant of ‘one more tune’ rang through but deep down we all knew that it had come to an end. The crowd moved outside to the beautiful waters edge which sits in front of the hostel. Time to cool off. As the sea lapped up against the edge, the party goers perched with the feet dangling above the water, the lights reflecting from the windows into the now black sea. The view across to San Marco was enough to make you shiver.

Venice Hostel Opening Event September

Slowly people peeled off into the night or up to their hostel rooms. Slowly the candles died down and the lights were dimmed. Slowly the party was gone and we were left with the memories. The memories of the lights and the laughter, the fun and the food, the music and the mischief, the friends made, the drinks drank and the dancing done. Generator Venice – take us back.

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Generator Generator Venice Opening Party -Take us Back

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