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Urban Beekeeping

For those of you who have been choosing to ignore this bee crisis…awkward for you. These bees are pretty important. Before you ask us why the hell we’re talking about bees all of a sudden. The reason is this. We’ll be supporting Jack Daniels in their new project, Urban BeeKeeping, at our Berlin opening party . But first things first. What’s the crack with these bees?

Urban Bee Keeping Blog

Dem bees dem bees

Did anyone happen to see the publication about bees by they who must not be named, aka the Daily Mail recently? Come on everyone reads it on-line every now. In true daily mail from they exaggerated the crap out of it and showed a baron supermarket with only oranges in nothing else to demonstrate what would happens if bees died out. They’re a joke but they had a fair point.

The real fact is that bees help pollinate close to 70% of the crops on the planet. It’s not just honey, it’s millions of plants that bees do their sweet magic to. Essentially, if the bees kick it, the animals kick it and who know maybe even we could…kick it. Maybe not but it will be sad day when we walk into a supermarket and instead of vegetables all that exists is a lettuce flavoured lollipop. Hopefully things wont get to that stage because the realisation is dawning on people that we need to do something. Hence all the pro-bee propaganda on the tube and the emergence of brands like Jack Daniels getting on the case.

Jack Daniels and their bees

It all began when Jack Daniels recently introduced their nice and tasty Tenessee honey flavoured JD, the same stuff we’ll be serving at our Berlin opening party. It employs the use of the lovely honey to sweeten it up. As part of the launch they began on a marketing campaign to save the bees. It makes sense, if there are no bees there’s no honey. If there is no honey there is no Tennessey honey JD. I mean, in the grand scheme of things, the fact that there would be no Jack Daniels Honey flavoured Whiskey if all the bees died is probably low on the list of peoples priorities. But we get it and we’re supporting the whole thing.

Bee Party

As buddies of ours we’ve incorporated their save the bee project into our Berlin Opening Party. Jack Daniels will be readily available and right next to the bar serving it will be our own bee baby making station. You can find it in the courtyard so come and have a gander. Don’t be afraid, they are small and fluffy. They wont sting you. but be warned if they do sting you, don’t look for us sympathy because that means you’ve killed one and nobody wants to be that guy.



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