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Urban Art Gallery: Capturing the Spirit of Berlin

The fact that street art and Berlin are inextricably linked to each other is nothing new. The city was known for its big art community in earlier times, when Thierry Noir in April 1984 started painting the Berlin Wall and street art really became a visible part of Berlins history. Berlin has now become an open gallery, where the streets are the place to exhibit for urban artists.

Urban Art Gallery

Thierry Noir

Throughout the streets of Berlin there is much variety in street art, or urban art as many call it. Some artworks are done as a political act, others are done for the thrill of seeing their tag throughout the city and furthermore there are, of course the ones which make the streets look more beautiful and make graffiti available for everyone. In any case street art is very much part of everyday life in Berlin.

Urban Art Gallery

One of the best known urban art networks in Berlin is Urban Art Clash. The group consists of a collective of artists from different countries, all major players in the street artist scene. Alesh One / Dissizit is the curator of the Urban Art Clash Exhibitions and former crew of Tacheles Kunsthaus. It was during the Origin party in March 2013 in the building side of our Berlin Mitte hostel that Generator first met and collaborated with the collective. Soon after that we met up with Alesh One and spoke about a further collaboration between Generator and Urban Art Clash.

In October Generator Berlin Mitte celebrated the official opening of the hostel with the Evolution party that offered an authentic Berlin experience, including music, food, technology and…urban art. It was during this night that Urban Art Clash opened its first group exhibition in the gallery space in the basement of the hostel. An outstandingly curated exhibition with the artworks of many artists including Oibel1, One Truth, Dr. Drax, Caro Pepe, Carl Kenz, Cren One, Kevin Gray and El Bocho. Beside having great works hanging in our gallery, Urban Art Clash awed our audience with live painting and the Graffiti Research Lab, provided an interactive projection. What a great night it was, so good that even ARD / Eins Plus used footage shot of the gallery in a documentary about Graffiti and street art.

Urban Art Gallery

Not long after that we officially opened what was now called the Urban Art Gallery in Generator Berlin Mitte. This gallery space was given to the crew as part of our first Artist in Residence Program. The exhibitions are curated by Alesh One / Dissizit and so far we have experienced three outstanding exhibitions. The first exhibition pulled the crowds as it represented the official opening of the gallery and included works of some of the biggest players in street art. Works of Innerfields, El Bocho, Czarnobyl, Kevin Gray, MM, One Truth, Cren One, Phos-4, L.E.T., Alias!, Prost, Robi The Dog, Caro Pepe, Bydolin, Lutz C. Pramann, JuliaH, Lukas Kubala, Ales Vojtasek, Üto, Haevi, Age Age, Andy-K, Pao Delfi and many more were to be seen in the gallery. Several art media took notice of it and Art Parasites reported it prior to the weekend as one of the best art events to visit that weekend.

Urban Art Gallery


The gallery has a style that captures Berlins spirit. The industrial finish of the gallery space compliments the artwork style perfectly. The most recent exhibition in the gallery was a solo exhibition by Swiss artist Oibel1. The new exhibition will be a group show from artists whose work can be found throughout the streets of Berlin. Want to experience Berlin? Come by!

What’s next you ask? We are working on opening a studio for Urban Art Clash in our Mitte Hostel, where they can work on new art whilst being close to the gallery. More about this in a next blog!



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Generator Urban Art Gallery: Capturing the Spirit of Berlin

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