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Toilet Talk

Interactive and toilet are not two words you would think to find in the same sentence. We’re about to change that with a little help from our friends over at Captive Media.

Captive media are introducing the world’s first contact-free, networked, interactive washroom media system…with hands-free control, and they are introducing it at our very own Generators! – (See more at:

All of our hostel toilets now come fresh with a side of interactive gaming for you to play while you’re doing your business. Take a bog standard toilet. Then add a revolutionary interactive media system, with an HD screen capable of displaying digital media to person standing before it. That person once upon a time had nothing to look at but the wall but is now - well – a captive audience hence the name ‘Captive Media’. Apparently you guys spend around 55 seconds on average watching this wall. Which is the same amount of time for 2 TV adverts. So why not give you something to look at or interact with?

Interactive toilet

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How the game works…

Our game of choice involves a penguin on ski’s. Your job is to steer the little fella left and right out of the way of obstacles in the fastest time. Wherever you aim your pee, Mr penguin goes. If you hit the right button he’ll avoid a Christmas tree, if you hit the left he might avoid a snowman.

Your scores are then shown on the screen once the game is over. You can rival your friends with your skills and see your name pride of place at the top of the board. Nice.

There’s more…

The interaction doesn’t just stop at our toilets. We’ve now teamed up with Air Angel, a wifi provider whose aim is to ‘create a richer, more rewarding wireless internet experience for their customers’. This means we can get the best out of our on-line interactions with you lovely people. It’s. Pretty. Jazzy – if we do say so ourselves. What it means for you is that wherever you go in the hostel, good internet will follow. 

“Airangel gives us the flexibility to develop our business model as the needs and expectations of our guests change. Carl Michel, Generator’s Executive Chairman. There. What he said. Whether you want to tweet at us from the bar, upload holiday snaps at reception or Instagram like you’ve never Instagrammed before. Generator will keep you ever connected.








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