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Tivoli by Day – An Amusement Park for Travellers

The smell of cotton candy wafts through the air and tickles my nose immediately transporting me back to my childhood. I shut my eyes and inhale – practically tasting the sticky sweet sugar. With my eyes closed I can hear the sounds of youth and joy. Screams of excitement and fear, laughing, the whirring of engines – these are the sounds and aromas of Tivoli Amusement Park in Copenhagen – the 2nd oldest amusement park in the world.

Let’s face it – don’t we all want to get in touch with that inner kid again? The one that laughs freely until your stomach hurts (and maybe even pees your pants). The one that has no fear or concerns about anything but living in the moment? This is exactly what Tivoli offers guests – a little bit of childhood again.

Located in the center of Copenhagen and a short walk from Generator Hostel, the park served as a model for theme parks to come. In fact, Walt Disney actually was said to use Tivoli as inspiration for Disney World after a visit to Copenhagen and the park. As I walked around the park from ride to ride I saw remnants of what we think of as the pillars to the classic theme parks today. But why would you, an avid adult traveller, want to go to Tivoli as part of your sightseeing in Copenhagen?

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Expand Your Travel Itinerary

Tivoli is a small space, but it packs a big punch and allows you to ‘travel’ to worldly locations such as Asia and the exotic Arabic section of the park. . If your travel itinerary doesn’t include the Middle East – then you can get a taste of it at Tivoli. You’ll definitely want to stop in Arabia since it contains a number of the lose-your-lunch rides. Yes, the themes are a bit kitchy, but it’s fun to see Tivoli’s take on other cultures. Be sure to stop and try an Asian hotdog – I’m sure people in China eat tons of them. 

A Traveller’s Diet

There’s plenty of fried food, ice cream, and cotton candy – all things in a typical traveller’s diet – you’ll feel right at home. Plus, even though Tivoli is geared towards kids, they have thought about the adults – they even have a beer house.


Arcades were peppered throughout the park giving you the opportunity to win a giant stuffed animal that you could carry around attached to your backpack for the next few months of travel! Just think – it could serve at a nice pillow in other hostels or a travel emergency!

The Best View in Copenhagen

You want the best view in Copenhagen, then get your ticket to the Star Flyer and be hoisted 260 feet above Copenhagen. The only downside is that you’ll have to take a mental picture as they don’t allow you to take any cameras or phones on the rides. And if you are wavering because you are on a budget, don’t even think twice about getting the unlimited ride pass – if you pay for tickets one by one you’ll get to ride about 3 rides before it equals the cost of the unlimited ride pass.

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Take in a Show

Go to Tivoli in the evening and you can be exposed to the arts – dance, theatre, and music are options to attend to get a feel for Copenhagen culture that are included in your ticket price. Check the schedule of events on their website before you go.

Not only will you feel like a kid again (I guarantee you will scream in delight on rides such as The Demon), but you will have covered a big part of Copenhagen history and culture. Tivoli has been travelled to for ages and its place among Copenhagen tourist spots is well deserved – for kids and adults – locals and travellers. 

Tivoli Gardens Information:

Cost: DKK 95 for entry, Unlimited-ride ticket DKK 199
Hours: 11. april 2013 – 22. september 2013
Sunday – Thursday 11.00-22.00
Friday 11.00-00.30
Saturday 11.00-24.00

Bio: Sherry Ott is a long term traveller, blogger, and photographer with one goal in mind – to make you wish you were somewhere else. She seeks out unique travel experiences and writes about her around the world adventures on She’s also a co-founder of Meet, Plan, Go!, a website and travel event teaching you how you can take your very own travelling career break or sabbatical. 

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