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This is Out Here | Get to know Louis

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It was just two weeks ago that the guys unveiled issue #2 which documents their travels in Copenhagen, now it’s time you got to know them better… starting with Louis.

In fear of repetition, we’ll just let you get on it. Read and watch below.

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Louis Jensen, I’m the producer of Out Here.

Tell us about your favourite city in the world and why.

My favourite city would have to be London. The city I live in. It’s always buzzing, there is a lot of life here and also loads of different cultures.

But if we’re talking about travelling, I’d say Dublin. It’s a beautiful country, the people there are so relaxed, and it’s not too busy so it feels like there is a lot of space. The architecture is great too and the country has a lot of heritage and history to it, which I love.

We love Dublin! So what’s the best part of travelling for you?

The best part of travelling for me has to be meeting new people from different cultures and different walks of life. But it’s not just about the people that come from wherever you’re visiting, it’s also the people like you who’re visiting from other cities. It’s just great to see that diversity, from bankers to creatives. We’re all in the same boat experiencing something new and beautiful together.

What about travel essentials. Everyone has those. What are yours?

Hats, I have to have my hats. So if I’m going somewhere for a week I will definitely take between 7-14 hats. I’ll wear 2 a day, one for the morning one for the evening.

Good walking sneakers are essential! But you still need that balance of style as well. For me they’ll be Nike, they do comfort, ease and style really well. There’s no way I could leave the country without multiple pairs of walking sneakers.

My Phone. I use it to capture my experience and sharing it with people. It’s key for apps like foursquare so you can check into bars/cafes nearby. Also GPS is really handy; the last thing you want to do is get lost in a city that’s unknown to you.

You work on a number of projects, This Is Out Here being just one of them… who or what inspires your work?

People ask this question a lot and to be honest I don’t really go for the conventional “looking up to celebs or people in the public eye”, that’s not for me. I believe more in creating your own path and bouncing off the people that surround you. So Pro and Jake who I work with on This Is Out Here are inspirational, one reason being that we share the same work ethic and that’s difficult to find.

There have been plenty of times when Jake has taken a photo that has inspired me to think of other ideas for a project or keep an eye out for things that I know he’ll take a great photo of. It’s the same with Pro, we met 3 years ago now, working on the same project and seeing him at work helped me develop my love for film.

When I was 8, my nan bought me my first camcorder and I remember creating an X-files x James Bond film with my neighbour. We put ketchup on my sister and shoved her in the shed to get a really cool shot. Went back to the kitchen to check if we’d got the shot…. ended up forgetting about her till my mum came home and asked where she was, can’t believe we forgot about her! But to be honest I always preferred being infront of the camera. I remember setting it up on a tripod and doing a dance to Will Smith’s “Getting Jiggy With it”….

You’ve been working with Generator for a while, describe your Generator experience.

They’re not your conventional hostel and they’re not a hostel. They’ve created their own lane. I really like the social events Generator put on at their hostels, it’s such a great way to integrate people who work there and guests- it’s something they do really well.

I quite like the way we work together too, This is Out Here is a concept that we haven’t fully developed, it’s on going and to have Generator supporting it is truly amazing.

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