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Thierry Noir Brings Famous Faces Of Berlin To Generator

If you’ve been in the city for more than a few minutes you’ll know Berlin is covered in beautiful street art. Whether it adorns secret curves under bridges or brazenly displays itself on the side of disused buildings, it’s the always changing pulse of the city’s, somewhat dishevelled, architecture.

Nearly all scrawling on the walls of Berlin in protest can in part be traced back to Thierry Noir – thought to be the first person to paint on the Berlin wall in 1984 – which he continued to do until it fell in ’89.

While the remainder of the wall may be under threat from develfopers these days, Generator is bringing street art in from the cold and Thierry Noir is painting a mural for the new hostel in Mitte!

What better way to celebrate a symbol of international peace than in a place where people of all nationalities come together to celebrate this wonderful city?

While everyone knows Thierry Noir’s work (it’s reproduced and plastered across Berlin’s tourist strips) they don’t always know it’s his! We’d like to take a little time to look back over his role in Berlin’s now world famous street art scene.

Thierry Noir and The Berlin Wall

Thierry Noir is best known for his work on the most famous civic canvases of all time: The Berlin Wall. Thierry’s faces – brightly coloured heads in profile with large lips or jutting jaws, all outlined in thick, black paint – have become synonymous with not only the protesting of the wall, but the city itself.

Thierry’s work on the wall in the 80′s often put him in danger of being discovered, and shot – especially around such guarded hotspots as Checkpoint Charlie or where the boarder and the wall did not align perfectly.

Thierry was often confronted during his time working on the wall – many asked why he wanted to make it pretty; but this was not the aim. Instead he aimed to demystify it – to mark it as a sad, dangerous killing machine. It is a statement that his works survived the fall of the wall longer than any others and that it has come to be recognised as a symbol of international peace.

Thierry Noir In Corridor

Thierry Noir in Berlin Today

You can still find some of Thierry’s work on a remaining part of the wall, known as the East Side Gallery. This is the longest remaining stretch of the wall at about a mile in length and displays some of the most iconic protest art of the last century. While Berlin has much dedicated to its own, and Germany’s, history it is one of the few places where you can get a firm grip of that strange time.

While it can be difficult to find Thierry’s original works elsewhere in Berlin right now you will see his work reproduced (legally or otherwise!) in the tourist shops of the city. While it’s hardly to the scale and power of the originals it goes to show how deeply embedded his street art is to the psyche of the city.

Thierry Noir at Generator Berlin Mitte

Thierry will be working at Generator Berlin Mitte in April as he brings his brilliant, irreverent street style to our new hostel – helping us to weave the history of the city right into the experience of every one of our visitors.

At Generator we like to give our guests a real experience of Berlin, helping them get under the skin of the city. As such we’re bringing the history of Berlin right into the hostel with Thierry’s work – there’s something fitting about having our guests, from all over the world, meet each other for the first time in front of a Thierry Noir mural.

There are many other sights in walking distance from Generator Berlin Mitte besides the East Side Gallery. Here are our Top Tips.




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Generator Thierry Noir Brings Famous Faces Of Berlin To Generator

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